Ascension Day May 13, 2021
Salem Ebenezer Reformed Church RCUS (Manitowoc, WI)
Sermon: “Christ, the King from a Different World”

John 13:33-38NKJV

Order of Service


Welcome and Announcements

Call to Worship

*Hymn 216  Crown Him With Many Crowns

*Salutation and Invocation

Hymn 345 Here from the World We Turn

We see the King of Glory in the Psalms, Reading #1

(Responsive reading, p. 607)

Congregational Prayer

*Hymn 720   The Child of A King

Scripture Reading and Text:  John 18:33-38

Sermon   Christ, the King from A Different World


Hymn 298  Shout for the Blessed Jesus Reigns!

    (Tithes & Offerings – collected at the door on your way out)



  • Is Jesus your King? Welcome to our annual Ascension Day worship service, where we give honor to the true King of the Universe.
  • Pray for Bea Jost who was hospitalized this week. May God bless her with full recovery.
  •  Continue to pray for the Crossings crisis pregnancy center. You may collect a ‘baby bottle’ for loose change and bring it back on Father’s Day. Also, see this website and video for an update on the ministry and easy ways to donate.
  • Pray for God to bless next week’s Synod meeting of the Reformed Church in the U.S. There are many things on our agenda, including some challenging decisions. Please pray for unity and wisdom. Pray for our Pastor and for Elder Larry Stock as they prepare and participate in the meetings.
Sermon Outline

“Christ, the King from a Different World”

John 18:33-38


Jesus is the Christ, the King from a Different World


1) invisible


2) reigns in people’s hearts


3) everlasting


4) how He rules us


5) the King is also our Advocate


6) He effectively defends us from all enemies

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