• If I sign up for Mobil ED how long do you have to finish a course that is offered for the month? I'm not sure I understand this program very well. And you say you will get $1500 for resources, but what if you cancel your monthly subscription, after a couple of months. Or do you have to pay for a year subscription to get the extra resources? Sorry for all the questions1
    1. I believe however I could be wrong those free resources are the classes available to you each month.  Typically a course cost ranges from $75-$350 each, so by adding them up some months it can be over the cost of $1500 in resources available for the cost of $50 that month for the subscription.  To see the amount of resources available during the current month check  this site, https://www.logos.com/product/56677/mobile-ed-subscription .   Towards the end of the month you see that they will be replacing typically 1-3 of the courses with a few other courses to cycle old ones out and replace them with different courses.   Some of these courses last 30 days before being replaced, while others seem to be there for long periods of times. Therefore, do not assume that each month will be a replacement of all these courses on the list. Typically a few come and go, part of the recycle of courses to provide a reason to stay with Mobile Ed subscriptions each month. It is random for us, as to what courses will be offered each month, as I personally pick and choose when to come in and when to come out of my subscription based on which courses are being offered.  YOU WILL LOSE ANY AND ALL ACCESS TO THESE COURSES, and resources IF YOU CHOOSE TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION and you do not already own them in your library. Meaning, if you have not paid for the course, or it was not included in your base package, access to the training material will become blocked and specify that you need a license to view this material.  In short, your subscription is a payment for access to the courses offered on the list for that month. Some courses will rotate out with different courses on the 1st of the following month. If you cancel your subscription at anytime, access to the training and resources that were available before with subscription (that you do not already own) become locked.
  • I agree, I have spent a lot of money not only on the product, but I have gone to the training classes twice when I had Logos 4, I bit the bullet and upgraded to 5 and I just can not spend anymore money on training. There really needs to be a point where Logos says you are a good customer and deserve a break on the training price. Mr. Proctor is an excellent teacher, but these DVD are recorded at a hands on training class so I do not see why they cost as much as the in-class training.