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    Picture is worth a thousand words

    Last week I wrote about what SLBCofDanville says about who we are and what our ministry is about. This week I address the picture we use on our Faithlife Website.

    Most of us are familiar with the saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words." The picture we use on our Faithlife website may not say a thousand words but it does make a statement about SLBC and our ministry.

    It is a picture of some iconic scenery in our city, such as the Dan River, the White Mill building, and Union Street Bridge. If you are from Danville you can easily identify these markers with our city.

    I took the picture one day while exercising on the river trial. As I came upon the scene it just seemed to remind me that our ministry

    is bigger than the 30'x100' building located at 2815 Blairmont Drive. We serve an entire city, plus the surrounding county. God has entrusted us to be Voices 4 God's Word, and Hands 4 God's work, especially in the Danville-Pittsylvania County area.

    When we as a church allow a missionary to share their burden for a particular people group, or geographical location, we are listening for their passion, love, and commitment to shine through. If they have no passion, love, and commitment for those people then we would never consider partnering with them. BUT what about our passion, love and commitment for the people and geographical location where God has called us (Danville-Pittsylvania county)? Join me in praying today that God will fill us withe the same passion, love, and commitment for our ministry as He does for those going to a remote region of the world.

    Our city needs Christians to love them, witness to them, and patiently work to reach them for Christ. Lets be proud of our place of ministry.

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      Somethign about our name . . .

      Today I would like to talk about our name Shining Light Baptist Church, also known as SLBCofDanville, and just simply SLBC. Honestly, "Shining Light Baptist Church" is not the "easy to say, easy to remember" name that marketing companies would recommend, and after years of correcting and reminding people of our name it is easy see the marking companies know their stuff. However, there is something about our name that makes it worth the inconvenience of having to repeat it a few times, or taking longer to say or write. Our name speaks to who we are, or at least it speaks to what we aim to be. Jesus once referred to John the Baptist as a burning and a shining light. He also once said to His followers "Ye are the light of the world". Our name says something about us, but it also says something to us! Every time we say or hear the name Shining Light Baptist Church, we are reminded that we exist to be voices for God's word and hands for God's work. We are reminded to shine for Christ; and we shine brightest in the darkest places. Rather than echoing the voice of anger, cruelty, or disrespect, our name reminds us to be the voice of Jesus who made statements like: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" , or "let he that is without sin cast the first stone". Our name reminds us to live up to a higher standard.

      You may be wondering why we sometimes use the variations such as SLBCofDanville or SLBC and we are glad to answer that question. In the age of the internet people, business, and organizations live online. This requires a very specific name to be found when searching the internet. SLBCofDanvlle distinguishes us from all the other Shining Light Baptist Churches, or companies who use SLBC in their title. But even this variation reminds us that God has set us as a Shining Light in the specific region called Danville VA. This is home, and it is where our light shines the brightest. We take special pride in saying we are set as Gods light in the city of Danville. Once again we are reminded that our city is watching, and it is up to us what they will see!

      Finally, the simple SLBC, well this is the shortest way to say our name, and these simple four letters still remind us who we are and what we strive to be. So lets take pride in our name, pride in our mission, and hopefully one day someone will pay us the compliment of saying "those people at Shining Light have lived up to their name".

      Thank you for reading, now I ask you to send an eamil to SLBCofDanville@comcast.net with comments about our name and mission. Positive interaction cultivates community and strengthens our ministry.

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        January 27, 2021

        Giving Thanks

        To our SLBC family, I want to say I have given God thanks today for His protection and provision toward you. I find it challenging to express my appreciation for God's provisions in your life. He has put us together to serve Him in our community. He keeps you safe, and has given us a strong bond where we care for one another and pray for one another. Thank you for your prayers for me, and I thank God for hearing my prayers for you. As we continue to host parking lot services, more people have been able to join us both in person and on FaceBook. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and glory to God for His everlasting faithfulness.

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          Inauguration Day

          As I write this newsletter the Presidential Inauguration is underway. Today I have a greater appreciation for the peaceful exchange of power our nation practices every four years. Since 1789 Americans have enjoyed democracy, while modeling for the rest or the world that democracy is more powerful than dictatorship. A democracy comes at a great cost to all involved. As long as democracy lives in America there will be victories, defeats, celebration, and mourning. For every political party that wins, there is another that losses. BUT when democracy is practiced ALL Americans win because the defeated party is free to regroup and look toward the next election. In some nations the defeat of one party is followed by stripping that party of their freedoms and imprisoning, or killing them. That is NOT THE CASE in America. Today I encourage you to celebrate American democracy. No all Americans will celebrate the victory of the democratic party, but All Americans can and should celebrate the continuation of democracy that ensures we are free to dream and work toward the America we desire to see.

          When Christians thank God for America, we must remember to thank Him for the freedoms we enjoy, and we MUST remember that those freedoms are available to all Americans. So when you practice your American freedom to worship the God of the Bible, you also allow fellow Americans the freedom NOT to worship, or even to worship a god of their choosing. When you practice your freedom to vote for your party, you also respect the right of fellow Americans to vote for their party.

          Finally, I remind us that Christians have a responsibility to God above country. The light of the gospel shines brightest in the dark, but it ONLY shines when we live out the principles of the Bible and model the Character of Jesus. Join me today to be voices for Gods word, and hands for God's work. Together we can practice Jesus teaching to love our enemies, do good to them who hate us, and deceitfully use us. Let us strive to make Jesus pleased with our behavior, and the execution of His work on earth.

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            January 13, 2021


            Hello and thank you for taking time to read our weekly newsletter. SLBC strives to keep you informed of recent prayer request, latest news, and other important information. Please take a moment to give us your feedback. Mainly we need to know that our newsletter is reaching your email. Because a few people have not received our email it would be helpful if you would click on the link below and let us know you received the email. A second way you can help us is to let us know what parts of the email you enjoy, and what you would like to see more of.


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              End of the Year Newsletter

              Final Newsletter of 2020

              New years eve is normally a time of celebration as one year ends and a new one begins. This year is a little different, as the celebration is focused more on 2020 ending, rather than the start of 2021. Our world changed this past year, and all of us changed with it. BUT the challenges of 2020 has allowed us to learn things we did not know about ourselves. This newsletter will take a glance back and then a look forward to our bright future.

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                Merry Christmas, This newsletter brings my most sincere wishes for you and your family. May these final days before Christmas bring you joy in remembering our Savior Christ was born 2,000yrs ago. He became human so He could become sin for you and me. There is no need greater than our need of a Savior, and we celebrate God's gift of a Savior Christ the LORD.

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                  Thank you! I want to start this newsletter by thanking you for your part in helping SLBC raise funds to help kids and families at Christmas. As of Sunday 12/13/20 SLBC has raised a approximately $800 for gifts, with more donations pledged to come in by Christmas. A brief breakdown so far looks like this: $500 to Earl Winbush to support 10 kids @ $50 ea. Two students from Bonner school @ $100 ea. And Four families have been identified to support, and possibly a few more kids, depending on the amount that comes in this week. Once Again, THANK YOU!!! We realize the gifts are more than presents for kids, it is a way for you and SLBC to share Gods love and help soften hearts to receive Gods ultimate gift of salvation. In a time full of negativity we get to be a light for Him!

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                    December 2nd 2020

                    December Has Arrived!

                    I thought I would state the obvious, just in case you been too busy to notice, December has arrived! 2020 has been a long year but there are just a few weeks until a new year begins. Although many people are looking forward to putting this year behind them, we suggest you enjoy today. Thank God for the family members who are still with yo today. Thank Him for the provisions over this tuff year. Also, take a moment to thank God that our Church, and other churches, are still together, and serving Him as this year ends! Our continued existence is the result of Gods provision and grace.

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                      Each week SLBC tries to send out a newsletter. Sometimes we have new information to share, and some weeks we focus more on encouragement and prayer reminders. This week we do not have new information but plenty of encouragement.