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    July 6th, 2022

    Last week Kinsley decided to assist me (in case I got nerves) while teaching our zoom bible study. She was not shy but immediately began taking prayer request, praying for people, saying "I love you" to everyone and just making the night special. We have no idea if she will return to her co-hosting zoom position today but join us this evening to see what will happen.

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      June 29, 2022

      God's Handiwork

      Oh Lord My God, When I In Awesome Wonder,

      Consider All The Worlds Thy Hands Have Made;

      I See The Stars, I Hear The Rolling Thunder,

      Thy Power Throughout The Universe Displayed.

      Those words came to mind after viewing God's handiwork in Niagara Falls this past week. The song goes on to say "my God how great thou art". I echo those words as I think back on the beauty of God's creation. The bible teaches us that we are not a product of evolution, but rather, our world has a Designer and Creator. Christians enjoy a great peace knowing the greatness of God and knowing He is fully in control of all thing we experience.

      Christie and I are grateful that God allowed us to visit Niagara Falls as well as Philadelphia. At Niagara Falls we saw His beauty, and at Philadelphia we saw where God worked to establish our nation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. God gives us hope that He will continue caring for His creation and His plan for this world.

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        June 22, 2022

        No Wednesday Services

        Christie and I will be traveling tonight so there will be no Wednesday services. I had originally considered doing zoom but our schedule will have us on the road at that time. We will rejoin you next week for our bible study and zoom time.

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          June 15, 2022

          Your Weekly Updates

          We are right in the middle of another fast moving week; and though temperatures did not climb as high as originally predicted, the summer sun has made his presence known. I was reminded of the dangers of sun when I spotted an ambulance at a small house which had no signs of air conditioning. I could not help but wonder if the heat had played a role in the medical emergency. Please keep our homeless and the "air-conditioning challenged" :) community in prayer.

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            ReadSLBC Weekly Newsletter
            June 8, 2022

            Our Town

            You may recall from previous newsletters the reason we use the photo above is to remind us of the city where we serve. In our Sunday sermons we are learning about the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. Each of those churches were in a specific city. SLBC is planted in the city of Danville. We have a responsibility to our city and the surrounding county where most of us live. However, it is easy to forget to pray for our city and make valid efforts to share Christ with those who live among us.

            By the time you read this you likely have heard about the 11yr old boy who lost his life in the Dan River on June 7th; perhaps you have stopped to pray for his family. Maybe you read Ms. Linda Edwards prayer request on Facebook, asking prayer for a family friend who was electrocuted while working to remove limbs from power lines (he is being treated for sever burns). These tragic stories remind us of our responsibility to be a Shining Light for Jesus in the city where God planted us. Just read the local obituary and notice how many people are dying in our city.

            Here are some ways we can pray:

            1. pray for opportunity to share the story of Jesus with someone
            2. pray for opportunity to model Jesus love, forgiveness, and kindness
            3. pray you will share and model Jesus when you have the opportunity today.

            Here are a few things you can do:

            1. look for opportunity to share and model Jesus
            2. look at people through the eyes of God who loves them and wants to save them, help them, and bless them.
            3. recognize thoughts, feelings, and words that do not match God's goal of loving and saving people, and change them.

            Together we can serve God and our city!

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              ReadSLBC Weekly Newsletter
              June 1, 2022

              The Summer is Coming!

              June is here and the summer is ready to burst rays of sunshine upon us. Today's high temp is 93 degrees; School's are out, and we want to enjoy the sunshine, while complaining about the heat. Help us find fun activities to do as a church this summer? Share some suggestions and lets have some fun before start asking "where did the summer go?"

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                May 25, 2022

                Special Guest: The Garcia Family

                We are excited to announce that the Garcia family (Andrew, Amber, & Sofia) will be joining us on Zoom tonight. What they do not know is we are going to surprise them with the news that SLBC has voted to partner with them and will be sending financial support for the church plant in Honduras.

                Join us tonight at 7pm in person or on Zoom to surprise the Garcia family with this news. All they know so far is that we have asked Andrew to teach our zoom session tonight. This will be fun!

                Here is the link if you need to join by zoom:

                slbcofdanville@comcast.net is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

                Topic: slbcofdanville@comcast.net's Personal Meeting Room

                Join Zoom Meeting


                Meeting ID: 801 036 5039

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                Meeting ID: 801 036 5039

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                  May 18, 2022

                  Reading Revelation

                  How are you doing with your daily bible reading? For those of us on the SLBC plan we are reading Revelation 18 today, and getting closer to the end of the book. Next we will be reading the book of James. It is hard to believe how many books of the bible we have already read through this year. It just goes to show how a chapter a day adds up.

                  DO NOT WORRY! if you are behind just keep going, and if you are on a different reading plan stay focused and disciplined. The real advantage is that over time you become more familiar with the bible, which means the Holy Spirit has a lot of resources to help you in time of need.

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                    ReadSLBC Weekly Newsletter
                    May 11, 2022

                    Refresh your why

                    Sometimes it is helpful to remember why you receive the information you do from our weekly newsletters. One example is the daily reading plan. We established way back in January that reading the bible is a way of seeking first the kingdom of God. To help us all make this a discipline we established a daily reading plan to do together. Each day we read one chapter from the bible. Those who have done this have read Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, Jonah, 1 & 2 Samuel, & now working on Revelation. Congrats on your persistence. Perhaps you have your own reading plan, if so we celebrate you for reading the bible and seeking the kingdom of God first.

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                      May 4th, 2022

                      Any Star Wars Fans?

                      Star Wars fan love May 4th as a play on words. If you are unfamiliar with this movie let me catch you up on the joke. There is a famous phrase from the movie franchise that says "may the force be with you". So fans often use May 4th as a play on words to say my the fourth be with you.

                      As Christians we can relate to wishing others that the force (power of God) be with them as they go into the battles of this world. Today take a moment to pray for someone who has a special need for the power of God to deliver them from sin, addiction, anxiety, abuse, or any other issue that my come to mind. And as you do we pray God raise up someone to pray for you. Lastly, may the force (power) of God be with you today.