• ✨Weather Update: As of right now, we are still planning on being outside✨ We will be celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, on Easter Morning, Sunday, April 9th.  Service will begin at 7am and be the only Service of the day, there will be no Sunday School.  We will also be outside and ask you to bring your own chairs and blankets and jackets; as it will be cool outside. There will be a Breakfast Fellowship directly after Sunrise Service.
    1. 128 Student Ministries March Event Calendar is out! We hope to catch y’all at these upcoming events!
      1. Praise God! The Lord is doing amazing things in 128! Many have stepped up to be servant leaders in the youth and we are beyond excited. We have 2 ladies who will soon be playing live instruments, a student who has joined the welcome team, another student who stepped up to take on the tech side of youth ….and many who have fearlessly stepped up to pray in front of everyone! Serving in one’s church is vital!! We love that the youth are noticing that and are stepping up to serve the Lord. >>Let us know if you would like more updates or want to know ways to support our youth
        1. We have a family of 3 adults that are interested in attending Skyline, however due to medical issues they cannot drive.  They live off Ferndale Dr, off of Old 440 FM Rd. If anyone is willing to pick them up and drop them off after Service, contact the Church office for additional details.
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            Were they able to get a ride?? Do they still need one?
        2. It is a blessing to see the youth stepping up to lead in 128 Student Ministries. It’s also encouraging to see the growth of not only the members but the hearts growing in the knowledge of Christ. It’s so encouraging that we are continuously welcoming new guest almost every week now! We hope that as the youth group grows they will continue to take the lead in worship, the welcome committee, and take the lead in their own education of who Christ is. Continue to pray over this ministry and the leaders.
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            Ladies Tea
            1. There will be a CPR training this Saturday Oct. 8, 2022 at 9am with breakfast provided. If you are a volunteer, this is a MUST for you. Please contact the church office if you would like to attend.