November 14, 2021 Bulletin

Mt 28:16-20ESV

Wholly devoted followers of Jesus become the maps that leads others to the Way!

1.     Broken: Trusting in Christ alone can make us whole, we freely admit our own brokenness and trust our lives into Jesus' hands. (Romans 3:23-26)

2.     Follower: We are all in. Holding nothing back, we will pursue his presence, prioritize his word, and align everything in our lives with his loving leadership. (Mark 8:34)

3.     Worshiper: We give God our full attention. This is more than singing; this is rooting ourselves in the reality of God’s transformational work. (Romans 12:1-2)

4.   Grace Giver: We pass it on. We humbly extend the same grace and forgiveness Jesus shows us. (Colossians 3:12-17)

5.   Truth  Teller: We communicate well. It starts by listening and responding well. We also boldly speak the truth, whether it’s challenging or encouraging. (James 1:19)

6.   People Lover: We do life together. Committed to building community, we will inconvenience ourselves to initiate and deepen relationships with others. (John 13:34-35)

-       Art Berg – hospice/cancer (Diane Peace’s brother)

-       Jim Black – recovering from surgery

-       Christy Castle– cancer treatments (Bill & Bev Brown’s daughter)

-       Joyce Darr – fracture in back     

-       Educators

-       Front-Line Health Care Workers

-       Andy Hager – recovering from back surgery

-       Bettie Hale – lymphoma (Cora Coats’ friend)

-       Debra Metcalfe Hazelwood – COVID 

-       Dolly Hunt – liver issues

-       Ruthanne Jackson – health issues

-       Joel Jenkins – hospice (Anthony’s father)

-       Reece Mann – liver bile duct cancer (Joyce Collins’ nephew)

-       Mike Marston – brain cancer (Trudy Frank’s brother)

-       Arthur & Pat Martin – passing of their son, Steve

-       Karla Montgomery – health issues

-       Jeana Morino - COVID (Grace Ratzlaff’s granddaughter)

-       Mary Munoz – health issues

-       National Leadership 

-       Larry & Charlotte Porter – health issues

-       Dave Randolph – COVID.   

-       Kim Ritchey – kidney issues

-       Janice Robillard – neck surgery scheduled in November    

-       Joann VanDeusen – recovering from broken arm surgery – Life Care

-       Chris Vasher – breast cancer (daughter of Russ & Edna Smith)

-       Warner University

-       Marie Weddle – in Grace Rehab, recovering from fall.

-       Brenda Whetstone – brain cancer (Lida Agnew’s friend)