December 12, 2021 Bulletin
Advent Reading

Romans 15:4-6ESV

Sermon Scripture

1 Sam 1ESV

South To Bethlehem: The Posture of Joy

December 12, 2021 

Chad Tingley 

Joy comes from your posture not your circumstance. 

Know the voices shaping your life. 

Stand up to the voices, bow down to God, and trust God.  

1 Samuel 1:9 NIV

Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up.

1.     She stood up to the voices

2.     Bowed Down To God

3.     Joy Comes From Trusting in Who is to Come, Not What is at Hand. 

1 Samuel 2:1–8 NIV

1 Samuel 2:9–10 NIV

 “If you want to restructure your heart and get the culture off your back and to have freedom psychological, sociological, and the cultural freedom that Hannah got, you have to believe in the one that Hannah points. The ultimate Son of Promise. The ultimate impossible birth. The ultimate removal of shame. The ultimate savior.” Tim Keller

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