October 2, 2022 Bulletin

Mark 12:29-31ESV

New Lens: Do Greatest Command

Love God with all we _________ and all we __________.

The only real way to love God is to ____________ the people we people we come in contact with.

Group Discussion Guide

Read Mark 12:29-32, Luke 10:26-27, Deuteronomy 6:4-5

• Can you give an example of what it looks like to love God with all your (answer one at a time): Heart, soul, mind,strength/resources?

• Brainstorm together some of the spiritual dangers of loving God with only one or two parts of our person. For example, what spiritual problems could a person encounter if she loved God with her mind but not her heart? Or if he loved God with resources but not soul? Etc.

• Can you give practical examples of the interplay between fear, obedience, love, and service in one of your relationships (parent/child; friend; husband/wife). If you were asked “Are you neighborly?” how would you prove it?

• Strategize as a group one corporate act of kindness you could do in your community.

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