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  • Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
    • Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
      • Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
        • Would it be possible to use Tascam DR-22WL recorder to do streaming to Soundfaith? Any idea?
          • Hello , There's no way to do any sort of live streaming on Soundfaith at the moment. You can however upload your own sermons, such as from the files generated by the recordings you are taking.
            OK, I see. I don't know how I got the idea that the streaming would be possible. Thanks!
        • Any idea why some of the post from proclaim have a video download link and others only have an audio link?
            Hi Mike, Eventually all sermons from Proclaim should have a video and audio attached, but the video only appears once it's done processing (a user with permissions to edit a sermon will see a processing message, but everyone else just sees assets that are finished). Video creation is CPU intensive, which is why there is a delay after the weekend while our servers move through the queue. That being said, once the audio is done processing (usually very fast), users can watch the sermon on SoundFaith.com but they won't be able to download the video yet.
            Thank you so much for the reply!
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          DiscussSupport for 3rd Party Measurement Services

          Would you consider adding support for 3rd party measurement services for podcasts...like podtrac.com?

        • Why does it take so long to get the video rendered for download? Having to wait so long for the video on SoundFaith is seriously slowing down the process of getting videos published for distribution. We record the speaker on a camera and then use the video from the Proclaim presentation, with the better audio quality, to set up a multicam shot for producing the final video. But we can't do that until SoundFaith eventually gives us access to the presentation video. Is there any way to speed up the process? I upload the presentation to SoundFaith almost immediately after it's done. Yet it is taking a full 24 hours, at best, to get the video download link. As far as I can tell, there isn't any way to get it directly out of the Proclaim app. If there is I would love to know.
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            Hello we are aware of the presentations taking a while to upload. We are working on this for the future which I mentioned in your discussion on our Faithlife page. Just want to mention it here as well. The reason why it takes so long is because everyone is uploading their presentations on Sunday and the servers can only upload so many presentations at once.
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          Hi! Can anyone help me to change my sermon from one series to another? I missed the ´ and Soundfaith have created another series for just one sermon. I tried to edit the series name, but it won't combine the two series. So this is what I have: Series 1 (called "Exodo" and then I edit the series name to Éxodo) with one sermon Series 2 (called "Éxodo"as well) with the other sermon Thanks!!
          • , It looks like one of the sermons is still processing. Once it is complete, if you hit the edit button by the title of sermon series you want to keep, there is an option to "Add Sermon". Could you add the sermon there, and then delete the duplicate series?
            Yay! It worked. Thanks :)
            I just had to remove it from the other series first, but after that I could get both sermons on the same series.
        • Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
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            DiscussNeed to edit the notes in a sermon uploaded from Proclaim

            I'm inserting my sermon slides from Logos and uploading the sermon to Soundfaith through Proclaim. Where am I able to edit the sermon notes after uploading?