• I had this book and I updated to Logos 8 and it's gone. And I'm preaching on the Sermon on the Mount now.
    1. I am sorry to hear that you have been having this problem. I am sending you an email with instructions.
  • I own Bock and Fanning's book and it is a really good book for those who really want to know how to study the bible, and particularly, the epistles, since they are the easiest to interpret. However, you need to have a grasp of Greek, or at least the vocabulary. Most other issues are issues of grammar, like verbs, participles, nouns, adjectives, etc. But it spends time teaching the student both grammatical and structural diagramming. One deals with the individual words, and the other deals with phrases and clauses. But the examples are in the Greek text so you have to know some Greek and definitely have a lexicon beside it. I wish this were an individual book.
    1. I love this book! I wish someone would make an updated version of this. I have both the hard copy and the digital one, and every time I go to study a passage, I look to see in Figures of Speech if there is a figure that I may have missed. It is so helpful, especially in the NT, Psalms, and Proverbs for me. Narratives not so much. But that's just me, not the book. I would encourage any student of the Scriptures, lay or clergy, or whatever to get this book. It is worth every penny! Can't speak highly enough of it. A Fantastic work.
      1. cbd.com is selling this set for $390.49. When we purchase Logos, we buy the search engine and other benefits (that's why it is so expensive). So why is this commentary set nearly $60 more than the physical books? I like the set, I just don't understand the inflated price for digital books that don't have to pay for paper, ink, or the printing services (and you don't have to purchase a new pdf program for every book you make). Can someone please explain why Logos' digital books are far more expensive than the physical books?
        1. Most likely it is functionality. Logos knows what they have and can charge that amount based on how effectively the software works. So, while the print is cheaper in the outset, daily use and time saved with Logos provides a far greater investment. I can read the same amount of material on Logos that I can read in print in half the amount of time. Therefore, the investment is in overall time spent. Now, I wish they would lower some of the prices, for sure. But, I've started making my purchases during sale times to capitalize on the best value. I only upgrade my Logos package during sales and only purchase commentary sets when they are on sale. Typically, I can save anywhere from 30-50%, which makes them less than print every time.
        2. With the March Madness sale this set will be at least 60% off - so that means you can get the set for under $200. Not too shabby...
        3. One of the things that makes it more expensive is the thorough tagging and hot linking of references, which takes extra effort which is not done/not available at all in print versions. This is in addition to the added value of the software itself for searching, taking notes, clippings, setting up automatic bibligraphic references, etc. I don't miss the old days of lugging boxes of books around for research. WIth this on Logos you can have it stored neatly and accessible from anywhere, including on a mobile device.
      2. When is Baker going to finish this set? I want the Hebrews commentary. It's the best book in the Bible! :)
        1. I have Logos 6 Platinum right now. Can anyone convince me why I should upgrade to Logos 7? I just don't see paying $300.00 for the Full Feature set.
          1. I too have 6 platinum, I paid 217 to upgrade to full feature set of Logos 7.  I have only been using Logos since 2013, wish I would have bought it when I was in seminary.  As much as I don't like spending money I do appreciate that it is easier for me to access the books and commentaries.  I really bought the Logos 7 only because of the sermon thingy and I find it is easy to make slides through the proclaim software.  Being a pastor I tend to move every 5 years or so, much easier packing up my computer than books
        2. Almost $800 to upgrade to Logos 7, but downgrade to Gold. About three sets of books are worth a darn. You guys got to stop trying to think you are fooling us with throwing in a bunch of outdated books to make it look like a good deal. And you have got to be smoking something if you think anyone is buying a collection of sermon outlines for nearly $500. And if they do, they deserve to get ramrodded. I just wanted to upgrade the platform to 7, like the crossgrade, and keep the books I have now. Why so much, and why not a Logos 7 crossgrade? This isn't a deal, it's a slap in the face to all customers with Logos 6 or lower.
          1. If you had an earlier version of Logos you have to purchase the upgrade to " Logos 6 Featured" in order to get the Psalms Explorer Datasets. I have the core, but looked at it and saw that the free crossgrade is insufficient. So while this produce is sold as a dataset you can just add individually to your Logos, it will not work without the dataset. And for that you will pay around $200.00 for that upgrade from Logos 6 Core. After reading some of the comments, it seems a little dishonest and deceptive for Logos to use a bait and switch tactic to get people to buy their products. I would think a company like this would be more ethical than a secular one that is all about the bottom line (note Mr. Lund keeps pushing the upgrade to Logos 6 even though people are saying they can't afford another $200. Logos doesn't care. Crack dealers do that. Don't get too addicted to Logos people. It will break you, and they will get rich off your addiction in the process). The link provided below is the link to the Logos 6 Core Crossgrade, which details what is NOT included. https://www.logos.com/product/47042/logos-6-core-engine-and-media-usb