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  • Our 24 Hours Well Spent Adoration started this past Sunday and will continue this Sunday through Monday, and from now on. Eucharistic Adoration starts Sunday July 3at 4 pm and continues till Monday July 4at 4pm. If you have signed up For adoration please remember to attend your hour. There are some times that are open and we can always use substitutes. God bless you all ! Thanks be to God for such an outpouring of His grace on us!
    1. Please let Jeanette Vetrano know
    2. There’s a sign up sheet in the adoration chapel at St Mark’s. I will send you Jeanette Vetrano’s number.She is in charge of adoration and can make sure you are on the list
    3. 2 - 3AM is available as well as 4-5AM.
  • St. Mark has the honor of hosting the Silver Rose this Thursday night.  The Silver Rose honors our Blessed Mother and her dedication to the sanctity of human life (see below).  We will have a bilingual Mass this Thursday beginning at 6:30 pm.  Please join us and honor our Blessed Mother.
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      Eucharistic Adoration

      Your dedication to “24 Hours Well Spent” is amazing! There’s still 11pm-12pm, 12-pm-1 am & 1am-2am open for coverage, prayerfully consider taking one of these time slots. Adoration will begin this Sunday at 4pm and run to Monday at 4pm, repeating this event every Sunday. Please let Jeanette Vetrano or reply to this post for further clarification. Praying today for the blessings of the Eucharist on all migrants and displaced peoples. May God continue to bless us all! Peace of Christ to you!
      1. Adoration feels like being at home with Jesus. My time went by so quickly. What a beautiful experience… we had been away from this special opportunity far too long. Thank you to the ladies who put this all together.
    2. Today is world refugee day, please prayerful consider giving ! This year, on World Refugee Day, the focus is on the right of every person on this planet to seek safety—whoever they are, wherever they come from and whenever they are forced to flee. Learn more about refugees and the mission of Catholic Relief Services at https://www.crs.org/get-involved/learn/world-refugee-day God of our Wandering Ancestors, long have we known that your heart is with the refugee: that you were born into time in a family of refugees fleeing violence in their homeland, who then gathered up their hungry child and fled into alien country. Their cry, your cry, resounds through the ages: “Will you let me in?” Give us hearts that break open when our brothers and sisters turn to us with that same cry. Then surely all these things will follow: Ears will no longer turn deaf to their voices. Eyes will see a moment for grace instead of a threat. Tongues will not be silenced but will instead advocate. And hands will reach out— working for peace in their homeland, working for justice in the lands where they seek safe haven. Lord, protect all refugees in their travels. May they find a friend in me and so make me worthy of the refuge I have found in you. Amen. Thank you, St Mark Peace and Justice
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        Eucharistic Revival

        The bishops have called us to a Eucharistic Revival we are to focus on Christ truly present body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharistic . The beginning for our parish is 24 hours of adoration. 24 Hours well spent. Starting Sunday June 26 at 4 pm with community adoration then a rosary at 4:30. The Eucharistic will then be processed into the adoration chapel till Monday at 4 pm when it will be reposed. This will take place from now on every Sunday through Monday. Please prayerful consider becoming an Adorer for one hour. We will open up 2 adoration positions for every hour. If you are a family who wants to pray together this is fine. There are also slots for people who will offer up being substitutes. Please let Jeanette Vetrano or Margie Conrad know if you are ready to sign up. God bless us all and thank you for being faithful members of the parish.
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          Some seats have open up for the bus to the Eucharistic Congress!

          Some seats have opened up for the Eucharistic Congress! Please consider taking advantage of the this!! We would love to have you go!!! Please join your fellow pilgrims for our journey! Let me know if you want to attend! Praising God & confirming The true presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic!
          1. I am coming, signed up weeks ago.
          2. Wish I could be there. Unfortunately it's too close to Father's Day and work won't let me off.
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          ☀️ Parish Picnic 2022 ☀️ Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for taking the initiative to plan this year’s picnic. We are very grateful with everyone that helped make this day possible! We are blessed that after a couple of years of pandemic we were able to bring back our annual parish  picnic. God bless everyone and may we continue to pray for one another.  🙏🏼
          1. What a fun time, even though I didn't get to show off on the bronking bull, It was just so much fun to see our parishioners gather at the house of plenty. Next year will be bigger. Thx to Blanca and her team, God Bless
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          We have been informed by the family that the Funeral for Mr. Neil Walsh which was going to take place here at Saint Mark on Friday June 17th has been cancelled. We just wanted to let anyone that was planning on attending know.
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            Eucharistic Adoration is Ready for us to Come Again!

            24 Hours Well Spent will reopen Sunday June 26 at 4pm in the church & at 5 pm will be transferred to the Adoration Chapel until Monday afternoon at 4pm. Please prayerfully consider signing up for an hour to spend with Jesus! This is a weekly commitment. Our Bishop is asking that we renew our Spirits and return to the Eucharistic as the center of our lives. Signup sheets are at the back of the Church. Any questions please ask Jeanette Vetrano or Margie Conrad
            1. This is wonderful Margie! Thank you for setting this up. It would be so great to get the chapel setup with adoration once again.
            2. Daniel please prayerfully consider signing up for an hour, the sign up sheet is in the back of the church at St. Mark’s in the narthex.
            3. Yes I will definitely do that :)
          2. Information about the Eucharistic Congress for attendees: The GICC is now cashless for concessions. Apple Pay and other apps not accepted at this time. It is not a rule for the vendors, they can accept cash if they wish. We will still have an ATM located by Exhibit Hall A in case guests need to get out cash. The RaceTrac gas station and the Marriott and Renaissance hotels also have ATMs.   STARVE WARS returns this summer with a St. Vincent de Paul food drive to benefit our brothers and sisters in need right here in Georgia. There will be a truck in the parking lot in front of Hall A to collect food and household items. Collection hours will be Friday, June 17, 4-6 p.m., and all day Saturday, June 18, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. More information is available here.   MyParish had to change the text-to-download number for myParish app so the number initially listed on the posters is no longer correct. Please make sure your use this number 55321 as a replacement.   This year, we are introducing a dynamic, interactive Family Track where parents/guardians attend with their children for a one-hour session. Please note that this track is taking the place of the former Children’s Track so parents will have to stay with their children at all times. We appreciate your help in communicating to your families this information.