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  • On Wednesday, 11/30/22, Renate Guth fell and badly broke her ankle. She went to the ER and they did what they could to make her comfortable but told her she would need to go to a specialist. She was able to get an appointment for Monday, 12/5. Her visit tomorrow should give her a better idea of how severe the break is and what needs to be done to correct it. Please keep Renate and her family in your thought and prayers. It appears that she will have a long recovery ahead.
    1. Prayers for her recovery.
    2. She and Fred are in my prayers.
    3. Oh my goodness. Will keep her in my prayers.
  • Grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. On August 2022 I received notification that Faithlife Group was closing its doors on June 2023. So, I set out to find a new platform to serve our needs. I found: Church Center. It’s both a phone app and a website. Please, sign up to our new communications app/ website. The photo is the phone app available for Android and Apple operating system. Thank you for understanding.
    1. Thank you Claudia, but i do not have a I phone, just home computer. perhaps you can explain with your Phone? thanks. see you then God willing.
    2. maybe you can call me and I can walk you through it:) 706-949-5228 or I can swing by sometime and set it up for you.
    3. Thank you so much. I will call you. when is the best time 4 you?
  • Grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Our Heavenly Father has called our sister Carrie Fuerte before his presence. Please keep Miguel and their daughters: Angela, Reina, and Rosa in your prayers. Her last meal was the Eucharist on Friday afternoon, may she now enjoy in the heavenly banquet the Love of God. May the Spirit of God’s Love strengthen in hope all of her family. The wake will be tomorrow Tuesday, November 15th at 10:30 AM in St. Mark followed by the Eucharist at 11:30 AM. She will be buried in Hillside.
    1. Praying for her family.
    2. Praying for Carrie and her family.
    3. I’m so sorry to hear this - praying for the family! thank you for letting us know!
  • Good morning, A reminder of the Knights of Columbus Chicken Sale this weekend - after every Mass. Un recordatorio de la recaudación de fondos de los Caballeros de Colón este fin de semana. También venderemos después de la misa en la capilla de santo dominico.
    1. Tony, I will be there to help before and after the 4 PM Mass Sam Schultz
    2. Yes - checks will be accepted - make payable to the Knights of Columbus.
    3. Thank you.
  • Grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Todays Eucharist at 9 AM will be offered for all the faithful departed: your family, friends and all those you loved. Our Heavenly Father has called each by name to be with Him, eternal Love and Joy. May our Lord by his Holy Spirit grant us to persevere in his mercy love. To persevere in our faith is to be totally involved by Jesus Christ, his living Word and be formed to mature in our faith beyond classroom-knowledge, but that Knowledge that comes from God that leads to living out our faith. I have found both programs of Augustine Institute to be very refreshing in making accessible and lively our Catholic Faith: Formed app and Amen app 👈this content is totally free. Below is the link explaining what the Amen app offers.
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      Secrets Revealed

      Secrets Revealed Monday November 14, 2022 St.Mark’s 6:30 pm Pot Luck Dinner Afterwards For the whole family We look forward to seeing everyone there!
      1. Wish I could, Margie, but am still healing from intensive surgery on my spinal column and four vertebrae. Three weeks in and about three and a half to go.
      2. Margie since we are having Mass tomorrow night, I guess we are not having the Holy Spirit Prayer hour, right?
      3. No prayer group tomorrow but we will resume the next Monday
    2.  — Edited

      I would like to thank everyone for their donations to Sharing and Caring. Your nonperishable food donations help feed the needy in our community. Both the Clarkesville and Cornelia location are in need of volunteers, even a couple of hours a week would be very helpful. Phone numbers are below. Thank you, St Mark Peace and Justice
      1. Joni I might be able to help sometime after the end of November but for now I'm off duty.
      2. Hi Joni! What hours do you need help??
      3. Please call the stores for open volunteer hours,the phone numbers are above.
      1. Thank you Pbr. Josè Luis, I was thinking that my name should be removed as manager or however it is listed , from each Ministry. Thank you. I am now in a neck brace And won’t be going anywhere in the near future. Thank you for taking care of these details. God bless, Deborah
      2. I hope and pray that it was a successful surgery and on your way to recovery. I miss you. God’s blessings. 🙏🥰🙏
      3. Deborah, I’m praying for you. No worries!
    3. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Donna Conrad & for her husband Glenn. She died this morning. Mike & I appreciate all the prayers you have offered. Thank you 🙏
      1. Lord have mercy on her Soul and peace for the Conrad Family.
      2. So sorry for your Brother and all of your family. May peace be with you all. God bless, Deb
      3. Please, know that I’m praying.
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      Fall Break

      Just a reminder that we will not have religious ed classes tomorrow. See you next week!