• I'm afraid the publication may not be as interesting as it may seem at first view because of its age. If we don't know the developments for the study of Jewish writings since the beginning of last century, more particularly the critics made to the compilation, and are not able to discern what still stand and what has been abandoned by scholars since the publication of the books, it may just give us an inexact vision and exegesis... An interesting article to read could be: https://openoureyeslord.com/2013/03/26/buy-strack-and-billerbecks-commentary-but-beware-technical-article/
    1. Age doesn't have anything to do with it within the Jewish community. They still treat Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki) and Ramban (Rabbi Moses ben Nahman) as though they are as authoritative as Moses - even though they said a lot of stupid things, per today's scholarship.
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      Greetings. Your concern has some merit, for sure, and echos some of my thoughts. That said, this will still be a great resource to have, to be used in tandem with more current research, as it will enable serious students and scholars to (1) follow trends and contours of the issues (2) and show what has stood the test of time or new inquiry. Also, I am not sure that Logos' boast of this work is wrong: its scope has not been matched since. Thank you.
  • I was interested by Logos now and wanted to have a try. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do the updating: it failed every time I tried it. I discovered a page in the Logos website explaining what to do in this case, but my microsoft was well updated, and none of the procedures explained worked. The only one that I haven't tried is the last one, which is said to do 'at your own risk': my computer is a daily instrument for my work and I surely cannot risk it for Logos now. Bit disappointed though...