• Please pray.

    Bonnie Johnson has been admitted to University Hospital and is receiving treatment due to a hernia. Her grand-daughter is working on the same floor, so Bonnie has family close by. Charles will keep us updated.
    1. Amen....! How fitting for the times in which we are living too. Please continue to pray for our country. Wet roads again today. You know the deal. Slow down & use caution. "Stay Humble & Be Safe..!" Mike " " HARVEST.ORG The Seeds of Revival Our nation started with an awakening, and we need another.
      1. Please pray.

        Please keep Jim McFadyen & BJ Hyatt in your daily prayers as they lead TPC at this time while the church has no pastor. Prayers for Hank & his family as they make the move home. Keep our country in your prayers as well. Also.., continue to pray for Donna & I as we await to build or find a new home. Prayers that we will wait to see the direction the Lord will have us to go. Thankful for TPC..!!!
        1. A Special Announcement

          From Your Pastor

          Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

          I am writing to inform you that it is with a heavy heart and sadness that I have tendered my resignation as your pastor at TPC. Please see the following letter that was presented to the session last night.

          Please be in prayer for the Wilson family in this time of transition. I am grateful to have been called your pastor and you will forever be in my heart and prayers.

          In Christ,

          Pastor Hank

          1. Donna & I really enjoyed the fellowship at The News Saturday evening, as I’m sure everyone else did too. Thanks Kim & Jimmy for some awesome Food & Fellowship.
            1. Please pray.

              Update from Amanda on Cody below, please continue to keep this family in prayer. Thank you! ❤️ Dr. just came & talked to us. Cody has had 2 bowel movements which is good pray he continues to do that. They are trying really hard to not have to do surgery on him so they are going to give it a couple more days & go from there. As far as the ventilator hes doing good . Again it has to stay in until tummy is resolved. They are treating his aspirating pneumonia with antibiotics but that's another reason hes on the ventilator. Dr said hes still on the Critical care status due to things can go south fast but not saying it is for him but that's why hes still on the Critical care. So please continue to pray.
              1. Thanks for the update Katie and specifics to pray for.
            2. Please pray for my sweet friend Cody, and his incredible mom, Amanda. Cody has cerebral palsy and was admitted to the hospital in Macon over the weekend with a bowel blockage. Though that process of hospitalization is not uncommon for him, he’s become much worse the last 24 hours: he started to vomit a little blood, his heart rate has jumped, and his Oxygen level has dropped. They moved him overnight to a ventilator in the ICU to see if they can figure out what is really going on with him. Please pray for strength and courage for Cody and for Amanda, for answers, and for strength to trust God’s plan in this, please ❤️
              1. Prayers for Cody & all lifted. Please keep us posted Katie.
            3. Please pray.

              Please continue to keep Donna & myself in your prayers as we start moving stuff to the little place we will be renting. We have a home inspection Tuesday on the home we are selling. Prayers for this to go well & all the closing details to be worked out. Thankful for the body of Believers know as Thomson Presbyterian Church. Y'all.., "Make It" a great week..! Mike "Hat"