Trinity Missionary Church
Dec 11, 2022

Trustee of the Month

Sam Crossgrove 269-816-5224

Deacon of the Week

Laura Telsworth 269-506-8091

Parking Lot

Steve Weaver


Connie Weaver

Judy Wall

Welcome Table

Carolyn Blankenship 269.435.7617


Lora & June Westphal

Children's Church

Laura Telsworth

"4 Connections of Christmas Hope."

Matthew 2:18-24

By Pastor Terry


MON: Deacon meeting 6 pm

WED: Prayer meeting 6 pm

DEC 18: Christmas Breakfast 8:45 am

DEC 18: Annual Member Budget Meeting immediately after service

DEC 24: Christmas Eve Service 7pm

              (arrive early to set up luminaries)

Men of Valor and Purpose led by Pastor Terry.

Next meeting is Jan 4th at Mancino’s in White



Needed monthly to budget:          $9,916.00

Needed weekly:                               $2,289.00

Last week’s offering:                      $3,313.66

Debt Elimination:                                   $0.00

Missions:_______________________ $0.00

Y.T.D. Expenses: (est)                        TBD

Y.T.D. Income:                             $107,985.49

Please designate giving to the following: General Fund, Deacon Fund, Missions, Debt 

For online giving to our ministries of the Lord go to our website:  Click on the “Giving” button on the home page, choose “TMC Ministry Giving”, then choose your options. 

Please note that posting prayer requests on our Facebook page does not mean it is put on the Prayer Chain. Prayer Chain requests are to be called or texted to Deb Schuetz, 574-538-9790


Soup Kitchen is open for the community and one of our services to the community.

Volunteer and emergency helpers needed! 

Trinity serves 2nd Monday each month.

Soup Kitchen is in Immediate Need for a Cook Volunteer!

Contact the church office for info

For changes to the weekly/monthly

schedule, please contact the church office via phone or email.