Trinity Missionary Church
Jan 22, 2023
Weekly Schedule

Trustee of the Month

Tom Rice 269-501-4378

Deacon of the Week

Laura Telsworth 269-506-8091

Parking Lot

Tom Rice

Tim Schuetz


Carolyn Blankenship

Deb Schuetz

Welcome Table

Karen Rice 269.501.9880


(No helper)

Children’s Church

Susan Neumayer


TMC This Week

WED: Prayer meeting 6 pm

SUN: Ladies’ Painting Day 3pm


This Week's Message

"Holiness: The Witness to the World" Part 2

1 Corinthians 7:1; Ephesians 4

by Pastor Terry

Monthly Outlook

Feb 1: MVP Wild Game Dinner 6 pm (all men invited)

Feb 10: Drop-off Date Night

Feb 12: Valentine’s Movie Night

Mar12: Chili Cook-off


Men of Valor and Purpose led by Pastor Terry.

Wild Game Dinner February 1st, 6pm

Be thinking on Chili Cook-off for March 12.

All Guys are Welcome!

Nick Metzer, director of St. Joe County Habitat for Humanity, will be our guest. He will be sharing on the ministry of HFH as well as the other services they provide.


Ladies' Bible Study

Thursday mornings at 9:30 am

Meeting at Susan Neumayer’s home, 115 Jeremy St. Constantine

Studying: "Abigail; Living with the Difficult People in Your Life".

All Ladies Are Welcome!


Prayer Chain

Please note that posting prayer requests on our Facebook page does not mean it is put on the Prayer Chain. Prayer Chain requests are to be called or texted to Deb Schuetz, 574-538-9790


Financial Statement

Needed monthly to budget:          $9,916.00

Needed weekly:                              $2,289.00

Last week’s offering:                     $1,443.25

As of Jan 01:

Y.T.D. INCOME:                               $4,744.73

Y.T.D. EXPENSES:                          $    00.00

Please designate giving to the following: General Fund, Deacon Fund, Missions, Debt 

Online Giving

For online giving to our ministries of the Lord go to our website:  Click on the “Giving” button on the home page, choose “TMC Ministry Giving”, then choose your options. 

Financial Giving Update Notice

Any offering designated to “building fund” will be allocated to General Operations first. If the general operation needs have been met for the month, the remainder of the offering will be used as directed.

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