• God forgives
    God does forgive them for their sin, but there are consequences. Only their children will see the Promised Land, the rest will die in the desert.
    1. True Nature
      God's true nature is that of love and it is to that Moses appeals on behalf of the people to forgive their sin and rejection of His plan.
      1. Moses offered an alternative
        Moses is given the opportunity to start fresh with just his descendants, but he begs for the Lord to not harm His people for their rebellion.
        1. Powerful rejection
          Not only do they reject Joshua and Caleb's report, they seek to stone them for suggesting they go into the Promised Land.
          1. Fear speaks loudly
            Even though they had witnessed God's mighty saving acts in Egypt, their fear from the spies report lead them in rebellion against Moses and God.
            1. Two speak with courage
              Only Joshua and Caleb see the Lord's hand leading them and have no fear for their enemies.. but the other ten spies are driven by fear, as are the people.
              1. An early entrance... delayed
                God intended them to take the Holy Land at this moment, but fear means that their entry into the Promised Land will be delayed.. by 40 years!
                1. Everyone complains
                  Even Moses brother and sister complain to the Lord, even against Moses and the Lord sends them a message not to speak against the Lord's chosen servant.
                  1. Greedy
                    They wanted meat, and God granted it to them, but for those who spoke against God in their greed there was punishment.
                    1. Don't limit the Spirit
                      Moses rightly tells Joshua that there is no need to limit if someone is speaking under the power of the spirit. And of course, Moses request comes true in New Testament times when all of us in baptism are granted the gift of the Holy Spirit.