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  • Thanks for trying Logos 7 Platinum! We hope you’ve been enjoying it, and have seen the power Logos 7 offers your Bible study. Although your trial ends tomorrow (Nov. 14) at 11:59 p.m., there has never been a better time to buy Logos 7 Platinum: you can save 20% right now. So don't let your study stop—get it today. http://bit.ly/2hwewCw
  • Never got to use the platinum edition. Checked my email this morning and saw the invite and downloaded Logos 7 basic to try platinum and wont let me. Sad
    • The LOGOS 7 Platinum try out has already ended last November 14th. But the LOGOS 7 Basic remains a free try out for now if you follow the Try Logos 7 Platinum group here.
  • i never try logos 7 Platinum why you send me the email
    • I have been blessed to get the opportunity to try Logos 7 Platinum Standard. I already owned a Logos 7 Platinum Tradition. However, I was blessed to use some of the additional features. I especially liked the Mobile Ed, Preaching the Psalms. This has made me compare the dynamic cost of the package to me versus the cost of some of the additional items that I could use. I have to admit that the comparison shows that it is by far more competitive and cost-effective to purchase the Logos 7 Platinum Standard than to purchase these resources separately. Thanks for the blessing. I hope I will be able to afford it before Logos 8 comes out.
      • Thanks for letting me try logos 7 Platinum. It is really powerful. Will there be a tryout for the collector's edition too? I would really like to see the power of the collector's edition. Thanks. God bless you.
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          ReadDon't Stop Now!
          Thanks for taking part in the Logos 7 Platinum free trial period. Now that the trial is over, here’s how to keep Logos 7 working for you.

          You can still use Logos 7 Basic—for free. Just continue to follow this Faithlife group, or learn what that limited-feature version includes.

          You can keep using Platinum (and save!) by acting quickly. In fact, choose any base package and get 20% off—for a limited time.

          So keep enjoying the power of Logos 7. Call us at (888) 270-7536 to find the base package that’s just right for you.

          • Thanks for an other wonder full privilege of using your amazing Bible soft ware! All though that LOGOS 7 Platinum fourteen days try out was be yond awe some, the continued free use of LOGOS 7 Basic is also a great blessing all ready!
            I'm also thanks for your support!!! I'll try to study hard knowing about our God.
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          • Now that we are at the end of the trial, is there going to be a special incentive or offer to retain the upgrade? Come on, make me an offer I can't refuse!
          • I hate that I found out about this on the last day. But I am pleased with what I have seen.