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        ReadTTOR Newsletter
        August 2018

        Hello TTOR Supporters and Followers,

        July was a historic month for TTOR. The first thing that happened was that Real.Video went public on July 4, and TTOR was one of the original channels for this exciting new platform. While Real.Video is full of content creators whose focus is on news and politics, there have been a surprising amount of Christians with channels on Real.Video. Ethan Horn of Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics in particular is the most noteworthy Young Earth Creationist that I've noticed on the platform.

        The other thing that happened is that I finally got so fed up with YouTube upping the ante on their censorship games that I decided to leave the platform on July 27. Since I already have established channels on BitChute, TheVlogs, and Dtube, I saw no need to keep uploading videos to YouTube. A lot of people talk about YouTube censorship, but they keep on using the platform, which in turn gives YouTube zero reason to stop censoring them. I decided to lead by example and leave YouTube, and I encourage others to do so as well.

        Here is the current status of TTOR's followings on all the social media platforms that it uses:

        Gab: 219 followers

        Dtube: 211 subscribers.

        Minds: 129 subscribers

        BitChute: 30 subscribers.

        WrongThink: 26 followers

        Lord'sBook: 20 likes

        TheVlogs: 3 subscribers

        You may have noticed that PewTube is not listed in my social media followings; at the end of July, the PewTube platform went down, and nobody has been able to access it ever since. We have no idea if PewTube will ever come back online or not. On the off-chance that it never does, I want to say that it was fun using the PewTube platform over the previous two months, and the channel was just starting to get somewhere before the platform went down.

        Now that BitChute has become my primary video sharing platform, here are the links to the July videos:

        I'm Back!!:


        Evolutionists, Atheists, & Liberals Want To De-platform YECs:


        Exposing Frank Turek #1: We Don't Need The Bible?!:


        Reasons To Believe Elevates Men Over The Bible On Origins:


        What Is The Point Of A YEC Ministry?:


        Utah Outcasts Call Me A Liar, Then Disagree With Each Other About It:


        YouTube In Bed With The Mainstream Media:


        TTOR #walkaway From YouTube:


        OECs Throw Jesus Under The Bus To Maintain Their Beliefs:


        Thank you for encouraging and supporting both me and the TTOR Ministry. I look forward to bringing you more TTOR news in next month's newsletter, and I hope to see and hear from you on social media.

        God bless all of you,

        Justin Derby

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            ReadTTOR Newsletter
            July 2018

            Hello TTOR Supporters and Followers,

            June was quite an exciting month for the TTOR ministry! On top of putting out several excellent videos, TTOR was approved to have its own channel on Real.Video, a new YouTube alternative that goes Public on July 4. Real.Video is run by Mike Adams of Natural News, and has the potential to not only become the biggest alternative to YouTube out there, but it could one day challenge YouTube's monopoly on video sharing. I really wanted TTOR to get in on that action, and TTOR was approved to have a channel on Real.Video.

            Another thing that happened in the month of June was that I discovered another alt-tech platform called WrongThink, which is a secular Facebook alternative that uses the exact same Facebook script that Lord'sBook uses. Instead of having friends though, you have followers on WrongThink, kind of like on Gab. While it might seem absurd to be on so many Facebook alternatives, you never know which platforms will take off and which won't.

            Here is the current status of TTOR's followings on all the social media platforms that it uses:

            YouTube: 510 subscribers.

            Gab: 219 followers

            Dtube: 205 subscribers.

            Minds: 87 subscribers

            BitChute: 25 subscribers.

            Lord'sBook: 20 likes

            WrongThink: 12 followers

            PewTube: 8 subscribers.

            TheVlogs: 3 subscribers

            While I am continuing to write Another Inconvenient Truth 2, there is another project that I am working on putting together: Sometime towards the end of summer, I will be traveling to Washington to interview Mark Armitage, the Young Earth Creationist who discovered soft tissue in a non-fossilized Triceratops horn at the Hell Creek Formation in Montana. Mark and I will be discussing his discovery, and we will also be discussing how the cost of discipleship and following Jesus is so high that very few people even in the christian and creationist camps are willing to pay it.

            The cost of truth is high, my friends. To embrace the inconvenient teachings and logical implications of the Biblical worldview will cost you popularity and reputation with not only the world, but even those within the young earth creationist community that I am a part of. As for me, I value Jesus and his teachings over literally everything else in this world and reality, and I have never been popular in my entire life, so I don't care about losing popularity or having a reputation as being one of those crazy young earth creationists. I've been called every nasty and vile thing under the sun during my time on TTOR, and I consider it to be a badge of honor because the world treated Jesus the same way when he was on earth in the first century.

            Here are the links to the June videos:

            Shannon Q, Numbers 5:11-28, And Abortion:


            The Early Church Fathers Condemn Old Earth Creationism:


            Is TTOR An Echo Chamber?:


            TTOR Approved To Be On Real.Video!!:


            Fan Appreciation #1:


            Debunking CNN Hit Piece About Alt-Tech:


            Response To “Is David Wood YEC or OEC?”:


            Celebrating 500 Subscribers!!:


            Thank you for encouraging and supporting both me and the TTOR Ministry. I look forward to bringing you more TTOR news in next month's newsletter, and I hope to see and hear from you on social media.

            God bless all of you,

            Justin Derby

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              ReadTTOR NewsLetter
              June 2018

              Hello TTOR Supporters and Followers,

              If you are reading this, then congratulations; you are a part of history in the making. When I started the Truth: The Objective Reality blog back in September of 2013, I thought that TTOR would only be a blog that I wrote one or two articles a month on, and I had no idea that TTOR would become primarily a video ministry, or that it would become a multi-platform online ministry that is almost exclusively comprised of alt-tech social media platforms. I also had no idea that I would start writing monthly newsletters.

              One of the things that I plan on sharing in these monthly newsletters is the status of the followings that TTOR has on the various social media platforms that TTOR has a presence on, so we'll start this newsletter with that.

              On YouTube, the TTOR channel currently has 489 subscribers at the time of this writing. 18 months ago, the TTOR YouTube channel had only 36 subscribers, so there has been a lot of growth there since TTOR made the transition from being primarily a written blog to being primarily a video ministry.

              On Gab, which is a Twitter alternative, TTOR has 192 followers at the moment. Gab is a platform that champions free-speech, and is quickly becoming one of the best ways of sharing TTOR videos with the world. It doesn't hurt that the GAB CEO is a Christian.

              On Dtube, which is a YouTube alternative powered by STEEM, TTOR currently has 201 subscribers. Considering that TTOR start a channel on Dtube on April 12, 2018, the TTOR presence on Dtube is growing at an insane rate. There is a high probability that the TTOR subscriber base on Dtube will be just as big or bigger than the TTOR following on YouTube by the end of 2018 or sometime in 2019. When that happens, Dtube may very well end up becoming TTOR's primary video platform. Time will tell.

              On Minds, which is a secular alternative to Facebook, the TTOR channel has 57 subscribers. TTOR's Minds channel is growing at a solid rate considering that TTOR has been on the platform since the fall of 2017, and it has proven to be a reliable way to share TTOR materials.

              On BitChute, which is another YouTube alternative, TTOR currently has 24 subscribers. Since TTOR has been on BitChute since the beginning of December of 2017, the growth rate of the TTOR BitChute channel's subscriber base hasn't been as consistent as I had hoped, but just about every single video on the channel is getting dozens and dozens of views, with eight different videos getting 100 or more views, so plenty of people on BitChute are seeing the TTOR videos on there.

              The Lord'sBook page for TTOR currently has 19 likes. Lord'sBook is a Facebook alternative for Christians that is essentially a Facebook clone as far as appearance and function goes, and I see it as being the future of Christian social networking as censorship of mainstream tech platforms increases, so if you haven't joined Lord'sBook yet, I encourage you to do so.

              On PewTube, which is an alternative to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram, TTOR currently has 7 subscribers. PewTube is a platform that started in August of 2017, and although it is a platform with a small user base, the CEO of PewTube is a free-speech advocate, and he is not only one of the subscribers to the TTOR PewTube channel, but he also follows TTOR on GAB. A lot of the TTOR videos on PewTube get dozens of views, although not quite as many as on BitChute, and it is my hope that TTOR's PewTube channel can reach double-figure subscribers by the end of 2018.

              On TheVlogs, which is yet another YouTube alternative, TTOR has only three subscribers, but the TTOR channel on TheVlogs is one of the six channels picked by TheVlogs staff as a “Staff Pick” channel. TheVlogs has also promoted several TTOR videos on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, which has resulted in several videos from the TTOR channel getting more views than their YouTube, BitChute, and PewTube counterparts. The TTOR channel on TheVlogs will be here to stay for the long run.

              In future newsletters, I do not foresee my status updates on TTOR's platforms to take nearly as much space as this letter; the purpose of mentioning all these alt-tech platforms in detail in this particular newsletter is to help introduce Christians to the alt-tech world, and to help them migrate to safety where they cannot be censored by the mainstream tech giants. If you want to find links to all these alt-tech platforms, be sure to go to the “Social Media” page on the TTOR website.

              Growth on the internet is not the only way that TTOR is looking to grow; in the near future, TTOR will be looking to start hosting monthly meetings at a church or some kind of meeting place in Eugene, OR, USA. Such meetings will be similar to how the monthly meetings of the Institute for Creation Science are structured: some kind of presentation will be given on an apologetics topic (whether it be from me, a guest speaker, or a presentation that was uploaded to YouTube in the past), there will be time to socialize, and there will be an opportunity to purchase apologetics materials, as well as an opportunity for a Q&A session. I will keep you informed on the progress of setting up the monthly meetings in subsequent newsletters.

              The current project that I started recently and am currently working on is the writing of my next apologetics book, which is titled Another Inconvenient Truth 2: Defending Young Earth Creationism. This is a book that will explore young earth creationism, old earth creationism, and atheistic evolution in more detail than the topics that were discussed in the original Another Inconvenient Truth book. If you would like to financially contribute to TTOR to help fund the future production costs of publishing Another Inconvenient Truth 2, or fund TTOR for anything else, then be sure to go to the “Social Media” page on the TTOR website and check out the crowd-funding platforms that TTOR is on.

              To wrap up this newsletter, I will share the links to all the videos that TTOR put out in the month of May. The links will be to the YouTube versions of the videos, so if you are more interested in the alt-tech platforms that TTOR uploads the videos to, then be sure to go to the description box of one of the YouTube video links, and go to the platform you want. Here are the links to the May videos:

              Does Justin Suffer From The Dunning-Kruger Effect?:


              Why The Evolution Paradigm Is Nonsense:


              Steve McRae: A Gullible Liar:


              TTOR Is On MakerSupport!!:


              Bill Nye Gish Galloped Ken Ham In 2014:


              “Origins” Promo:


              Debunking Ed Phenninger On Colossians 1:14:


              Government Regulation Of Social Media Has Begun:


              David Dunning Demonizes Trump Supporters:


              Three-Year Anniversary: The Future Of TTOR:


              Thank you for encouraging and supporting both me and the TTOR Ministry. I look forward to bringing you more TTOR news in next month's newsletter, and I hope to see and hear from you on social media.

              God bless all of you,

              Justin Derby