• Monday Memo, June 21

    Hey Valley!

    I hope you were able to enjoy this Father's Day weekend.

    It was an interesting weekend for our worship services. While it was sad to miss seeing many of you Sunday, we think taking the time to sort through a potential exposure is the wise move.

    If you would like to catch the sermon, you can find it here and we have our sermon notes here.

    Stay tuned as we sort through what this weekend will look like and also for the new VBS dates. 

    Loving People Toward Jesus,

    Pastor Mike


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    Valley Reading Plan

    Jun 21 Isa 4-5 & Gal 5-6

    Jun 22 Isa 2-3 & Acts 17

    Jun 23 Isa 2-3 & Acts 18:1-18

    Jun 24 Isa 2-3 & 1 Thess 1-2

    Jun 25 Isa 2-3 & 1 Thess 3

    Valley Memory Verses

    For now we live, if you are standing fast in the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 3:8

    1. Good morning church! VBS school is being post-poned til August of this summer due to a couple of factors, one being this weekend's Covid exposure. I want to thank everyone who has helped setup VBS this year. Your efforts are not in vain, for now we just have time to build upon what you have done. In the next day or two we will officially nail down when in August we will have VBS. We are gonna do the best we can to accommodate schedules. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

        Hey Valley,

        First of all, Happy Father's Day! I pray that as we honor the father figures in our lives we remember that we have a Heavenly Father who is faithful and cares perfectly for his children.

        Now, for the update. One of our members attending last night's service tested positive for Covid. Our staff was potentially exposed and therefore we are not going to have in-person services today. I was able to take a rapid test and it came back negative, so if you and I interacted, hopefully, there is no exposure to you.

        The service today will live-stream at 11 am on our Facebook page.

        As for VBS, our team is still working through what the potential exposure means for this coming week. We hope to have an update a bit later this morning for you all.

        Please be in prayer for Valley today. God is doing some incredible things in so many lives and while it is easy to be discouraged, moments like this help us to renew our trust that God is always faithful, that nothing surprises Him and that he will use the challenges we face for good.

        Loving people toward Jesus,


        1. Monday Memo, June 14, 2021

          Hey Valley!

          This past weekend we considered how to strengthen one another in our shared faith. Our text gave special attention to caring for those who are facing difficulties or temptations. This morning I am reflecting on how Christians are able to offer strength and grace to one another in times of need and I am praying for our church family and the needs that are known and unknown. I hope as you read this email you know you are not alone.

          If you want to catch up or review the message, it can be found here. The notes are also here

          Also, if you have kiddos, be sure to register for VBS here.

          Loving People Toward Jesus,

          Pastor Mike


          VCF Podcast: New Episode "Resolutions and Time Management"



          Valley Reading Plan

          Jun 14 Song 3-4 & Acts 16

          Jun 15 Song 5-6 & Gal 1

          Jun 16 Song 7-8 & Gal 2 

          Jun 17 Isa 1 & Gal 3

          Jun 18 Isa 2-3 & Gal 4

          Valley Memory Verses

          Therefore when we could bear it no longer, we were willing to be left behind at Athens alone, and we sent Timothy, our brother and God’s coworker in the gospel of Christ, to establish and exhort you in your faith. Thessalonians 3:1–2

          1. Good evening, family. Our Livestream connection is having some technical trouble tonight. A recording will be available as soon as we can get it online. Thank you for your grace and patience!
            1. As an update, Vinni posted this about an hour ago on facebook: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has offered their hand, supported, and have been praying for our mom. There’s been too many to list. The last few days have been challenging to say the least. Our mom is resting comfortably at home, surrounded by friends and family, while enjoying what time we have left. The love that has been shown is received and reciprocated. Continued prayers are welcomed.
              1. Friday Focus 6/11/21

                Thinking back to this last weekend, Mike told us how our greatest prize is the people we impact for Christ. Just this week I've heard of one young man who turned to Jesus for the first time, and a young lady who wants to be baptized. It truly warms the heart to hear of young people turning to Christ and learning the truth of scripture, and I can't help but reaffirm that our joy and greatest prize is the people we impact for Jesus. With VBS coming quickly over the horizon, I'm more and more on the edge of my seat hoping to continue impacting these kids. God is blessing us richly with the young people in our midst, and I invite you to be part of it.

                Whether you volunteer in a classroom or lead by example in singing praise to our God, you are an influence in the lives of each person around you. Sing loudly! Pray fervently! Study passionately! God has made it clear that He wants to bless us by bringing His people to Himself and glorifying His name -- and letting us be part of the action!

                I'll see you this weekend!


                1. Please pray.

                  Please be praying: Vinni Straube is with his mom at the hospital. She has been admitted with COPD and high CO2 numbers. Vinni has been informed that she may not make it home. It could be hours or days before she passes.
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                      Thursday, September 9th  •  6:30–9:00 pm
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