• Arminianism contends "that obedient free will is always dependent upon God's free grace; and disobedient free will upon God's ethical wrath. Clearly free-will, in the present state of mankind, cannot be understood but there must be a measure of free-will supernaturally restored to every man,or Jesus would noyt have continually used the conjunction "if". This together with that divine light which enlightens every man that comes into the world.
    1. Hello, I understand free will as a gift of God. But I do see this in a little different light. I rather say that I have "free choice". (Not the same as free will.) My reason is that if it's a will, it's not free. If it's free, it's not a will. In other words, our will is always bent on something. No such thing as a neutral will, so it cannot be free by default and definition. Therefore, our choices are always done in a context, never in a vacuum. As I can appreciate this teaching, I see that free choice is the excercise of the will according to a desire, bent, inclination and context. But free will seems to be difficult for me to define. I hope I made sense. Blessings. . . Eis Cristos Al Sosa