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    3. Hello Everyone, I need to delete and restart the reading plans because they are referencing the wrong version (HCSB) when our Church App actually uses the ESV audio and text. Your current plan will be deleted. Please join the new plan and simply click catch up to be restored to today's reading.
      1. Both the new plans are available now
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    8. Documents for our two Bible Reading Plans for 2015 have been upload. You can go to the Documents tab to find PDFs for each plan and calender files to add the appointments for reading to your calendar.
      1. Hi Clint, the link for the Romans readings gives an error message - the page you are trying to access does not exist.
      2. Go to WWMF on the left hand menu and at the top right hand of the screen if you see a blue button called 'accept invitation' click on that and then it will say you are a member. Then go back and click on the link Clint put here. I had the same problem until I did the above.
      3. Thanks, Jlola. I was a follower and not a member.
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