• ATTENTION: Anyone reading this, the above collection Neo-Scholastic Theology and Philosophy Collection (24 vols.) has seemed to stalled in interest and so close to reaching the goal of producing the set. I would like to put out a plea to anyone who has ordered this set to consider raising your bid. I raised my to $50 in hopes that if all of us did even $5 above the already low price of $40 for this collection we could put it over the top into production and finally get a great set of books for our libraries. Please consider raising your $40 initial price to $45 to help push this product over the top. For those just looking....it's a GREAT price for these many texts. PLEASE ACT NOW! Thanks!
    1. I doubled my bid. Hopefully this moves soon.
    2. I raised my bid.
  • Excellent series of topics and uses. I would recomment it to anyone new to Verbum.