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My Faithlife

Your Faithlife profile connects you with the rest of the Faithlife community, so you’re in touch with your church, friends, and Christian leaders online. Best of all, it’s private—nobody sees your Faithlife profile unless you give them permission.

Faithlife Groups

Faithlife doesn’t happen alone. You can join and create groups for your church, friends, and more. Faithlife groups can share notes and reading plans, so you can enjoy rich Christian fellowship online.

Faithlife Study Bible

For the best Faithlife experience, we recommend the Faithlife Study Bible. It’s always growing with more study notes and works with your preferred translation, making the FSB ideal for Faithlife groups.

Faithlife + Churches

Faithlife’s online community is the perfect way for churches to organize groups, stay connected, and plan events.

Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible gives churches the fullest experience possible. The FSB lets congregations access the same study notes with their preferred Bible translations. And since we’re always adding new material, it’s the only study Bible that grows with your church.

Equip your church with the FSB today!

Faithlife Groups

Pastors can set up private Faithlife groups for Sunday school classes, small groups, church staff, and more. It’s an easy way for busy church staff to communicate with the rest of their local church body.

Faithlife Reading Plans

Is your church walking through Ephesians? Is the Sunday school class studying biblical prophecy? Let your groups know what to read ahead of time with Faithlife Reading plans.

Faithlife + Schools

Faithlife is the smart approach to Christian classrooms. Professors can create Faithlife groups for courses, whether on campus or online. And the various Faithlife features make the classroom experience seamless for seminaries, Bible colleges, and Bible classes.

Professors + Students

Easily share notes and reading plans in private class groups.

Professors + Peers

Create groups and share thoughts and ideas on class material.

Students + Classes

Faithlife Community Notes make group projects a snap.

Faculty + Staff

Swap notes on curricula with department heads and professors.

Students + Clubs

Organize prayer groups and Bible studies with the Faithlife app.