• Lord's Supper
    Greek (using reverse interlinear as I am not a Greek scholar) - literally had “broken bread” {klao artos} and “eaten” {geuomai}. It seems to me that this was not a sharing of the Lord’s Supper, but simply a meal late Saturday evening before midnight. It seems to this lay person that the NLT translation has taken editorial liberties which are not supported.
    1. I know this isn't specifically related to the Adult Bible Study Guide, but I was wanting a different perspective. I have been studying all of the verses that discuss wine and strong drink in the Scripture. I am trying to reconcile a couple of verses. One that has been hard for me is Deut 14:26 “You may spend the money for whatever your heart desires: for oxen, or sheep, or wine, or strong drink, or whatever your heart desires; and there you shall eat in the presence of the LORD your God and rejoice, you and your household. New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update (La Habra, CA: The Lockman Foundation, 1995), Dt 14:26. I would like to hear some biblical perspectives on how this verse fits in the traditional SDA belief that one should abstain from alcoholic drink. I truly appreciate all of your thoughts and direction on this.
      1. I think it is important to keep in mind the differences that exist between now and then. The Bible appears to warn against the excessive use of alcohol, and this verse in particular seems to say to save up for the one event in a year where you might drink some if you want to. Alcohol was not nearly as prevalent as it is now, and there appears to be a taboo against getting drunk (at least when they were following God's law). Even in these verses, temple events never required the drinking of wine, but warning about the abuse of alcohol is common. In todays world, alcohol is everywhere, it is very potent, and the social pressure to get drunk can be very high, particularly for our young people. There is no taboo to excessive drinking unless you do something stupid while drunk which is too late. For me, while the Bible does not ban drinking outright, I don't think it is wise to drink at all today because the decent into alcoholism or the fatal results of DWI and other mistakes is so high. I quit drinking the day my son was born (16 years ago) because I realized the price of doing something stupid while drunk was too high. Obviously, the price could have been too high before my son was born too, but I guess he smartened me up!
      2. I think this question comes from the claim Adventists make that the Bible is their only decree, and that whatever they believe can be traced back to Scripture alone. However, our views regarding alcohol does not originate purely from Scripture. As a SDA pastor who appreciates consistency in how we reason about beliefs, I find it difficult to talk about our perspective on alcohol from a purely Biblical foundation. I understand that the Bible speaks strongly against drunkenness (albeit less explicitly in the OT), but we have been notoriously bad at addressing certain Bible verses with complete honesty, I think. This verse, and others, suggest that a view which regards all use of alcohol (even in moderation) as sinful is not biblical. Yes, we can use arguments from philosophy, health and common sense to come to, what I think, is a wise conclusion, but we cannot claim that we stand purely and completely on the Bible in this if we propagate strictly against any consumption of alcohol. I think if we are honest, we will admit that we are following the words of Ellen White (and other pioneers) who was a teetotaler (probably also because of her cultural and societal views regarding alcohol. There is a need for honest discussion on this (and other) topic; a need to stop acting as if our post hoc reasoning is a legitimate substitute for exegetical formulation of doctrine.
      3. Hi Byron Frenchie, I agree, it is good to have some activity in this forum. There is a "Discussions" section where members can post discussion by topic. It would be good to have more activity there.
    2. Hi!, is anyone commentating or is there a discussion place of Jon Paulien's Pine Knoll sabbath school podcast?
      1. I post the Pine Knoll notes, but I am not aware of any place that has additional comments or discussion regarding them. On the left side of the page for this group is a "Discussions" section. If you have specific comments or questions you could post them there, possibly starting a discussion.
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    3. Happy Sabbath and I also thank those who work on the quarterlies, From Mexico
      1. Thanks Cesar for your clarifying statement. Wonder how many Spanish speaking Seventh -Day Adventists would be interested in using the tools provided by Logos, along with the quarterly. I just started to convert the sabbath school lesson to docx format each week and work out the necessary changes for the Bible References to work out in Logos. Would like to know if the quarterlies are made available by our publishing associations in pdf format early enough for us to work them out (this includes the Spanish version). Additionally, as I am currently appointed as youth teacher at my church, would love to know if the sabbatch school quarterly for youth 18 and above (Spanish version) is available in pdf format . Regards and God bless. Hector
      2. Hector, check with John B the moderator for this group. He creates the adult sabbath school lesson in personal book format that we us on Logos. He maybe able to give you some tips on how to accomplish a Spanish version. Yours in Christ, Richard
      3. Thanks, Richard! Will do.
    4. The new file with the Pine Knoll 2019 Q4 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
      1. Thanks everyone. I like the Devotional idea. Will compile it as such.
        1. Perhaps a quick video on how to use it should be encouraging
      2. I have added a new file to the Bible Study Logos Documents Section: "Adult Bible Study Guide for 2019 Q4: Ezra and Nehemiah (Devotional)." This is nearly identical to the standard file in JohnB's upload, but I have tagged the file so that it can be compiled as a Monograph ("normal" book), a Calendar Devotional, or a Lectionary. I hope my small contribution will be helpful. Thank you to JohnB and Rick for their hard work to get the guides out to us each quarter. They do a great job, and I, for one, appreciate them!
        1. Hello all, I am new to logs, where can I find this file or how can I get it into my logos?
        2. thank you, I found where it is located
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      3. Just want to say thank you again to those who work on these quarterlies. It helps a lot!
        1. I have tagged the fourth quarter standard (not teacher) file so it can compile as a devotional. This will allow you to open to the current day's lesson automatically, similar to the way a devotional book will open directly to today's reading. Is there any interest in my sharing the file?
          1. Great idea!! I have posted a note on the sda forum group referring to this.
          2. Very much interest
          3. Uploaded.
        2. The SS Quarterly for the fourth quarter is ready for download. Happy studying!! For newbys , click "Bible Study" on the left column and then "Logos Documents". The zip file for the fourth quarter should be at (or nearly at) the top of the list of files. Thanks to Rick, as usual, for correcting the errors I overlooked!
          1. JohnB, Thank you again for all your work to get us the fantastic resource each quarter!