• Sorry, I forgot to say that the other links in This Week's Study work fine. There didn't appear to be a problem in the 2022 Q4 SS file, unless the words for Matthew's link are in fact linked to Luke behind the scenes.
    1. Thanks very much Richard. I have been having a few (quite a few) problems with my laptop - corrupted files, slowdowns, etc. I wasted a lot of time sorting everything out. This made me super suspicious of anything that didn't look right. Do you know whether this is a feature of the NKJV that is turned on with a setting, or the standard view? Thanks again, Rose.
    2. I'm pretty sure it is standard for that Bible. It's been that way for a long time.
    3. Thanks very much. I can see that it will be very helpful.
  • Hi, has anyone started the PB 2022 Q4 Sabbath Dec 3, lesson yet? I don't know whether my Logos app has been corrupted, or whether there is a problem with the app itself. The very first link in 'Read for This Week's Study: Matt. 7:21-27' brings up Luke 6:46 instead. Of course, it may be that I have upset something in the settings.
    1. I have the Macintosh version and the link works fine for me.
    2. Rose I think I see what has got you stumped. In the NKJV of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, it puts hyper links there at the top of the paragraphs for the same ideas that Jesus was talking about in Matthew in Luke, Mark or John respectively. If you click the Luke verse there it will take you the passage in Luke where the timeline in Jesus' life here, correlates in Luke. Hope this helps Richard
    1. My understanding is: this is a personal invite thing only - I didn't see it on a homepage card and don't remember any email inviting me. So, if you got that email or saw the challenge on your Logos homepage: go for it! otherwise, it probably won't work.
    2. Unless I am mistaken, it was posted in the general forums
    3. It looks like this has ended. Per the terms and conditions: "Entry Period: The Sweepstakes begins on August 22, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PDT and ends on September 26, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (the "Entry Period"). Entries submitted before or after the Entry Period will not be eligible."
  • The new file with the Pine Knoll 2022 Q4 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
    1. Thank you very much
  • The Sabbath School Quarterlies for the 4th quarter are now uploaded. Many thanks to the group working on them, including: Andy Arkusinki, Alan Dacre and Lynden Williams
    1. Thanks very much to all!!
    2. Thank you very much!
    3. Thank you all for your work on this great resource.
  • I was waiting until we were done with the work, Lynden, but I was going to raise the question of whether/why we couldn't make it into a book people download instead of each one having to make their own. The greatest advantage would be being able to get the book on an android or iphone device. I used to pay (I think) $6.99 for the quarterly on Kindle. You can get it for free in a program called Sabbath School Quarterly. I personally would be willing to pay up to $5.00 for the advantages.
    1. The present system works well. I am very appreciative of them, ut wouldn’t be able to purchase them.
  • What are your thoughts about having the Bible study guide as a full Logus book. The advantage to this is we will be able to read the lesson and our answers will sync to our desktop computers. If you were interested in something like this how much would you be willing to pay each quarter
    1. I'd have to think a bit on the price Lynden, but the idea sounds wonderful. How much do they require to produce them? Also have you heard any rumors about Andrews Bible commentary going digital?
    2. My personal use case would not benefit much. When I teach, I create a Notes doc that syncs to my tablet. Sure the quarterly personal book links don't sync but I cut/paste the relevant sections into the notes. When I don't teach, I don't use tech to record answers, so no great loss. The current process works for me. Many thanks to Neal and Alan for continuing John's great work in this area.
    3. I would love it, as it would then sync to our mobile devices as well. And maybe get the Ellen G. White Notes done as well.