• minor issue but pointing out... Read Psalm 119:105, 116, 130, 133, and Psalm 160. What insights does the Psalmist give us regarding the significance of God’s Word in the plan of salvation? Mark Finley, 2Q2024 SS Lesson The Great Controversy Updated, n.d., 34. Should be and 160, not and Psalm 160. From Tue April 16th lesson.
    1. I have uploaded the Pine Knoll helps for 2024 Quarter 2. Let me, Andy A or Alan D know if any issues are encountered.
      1. Thank you very much.
      2. Yes, thank you for this blessing
    2. The SS Lessons for 2024 Q2, The Great Controversy have been posted in the documents section.
      1. Thank you posting these early... it's really appreciated, as it gives sufficient time for the preparation of the first lesson... :-)
      2. Thank you to you the team for all your work on this excellent resource!!!
      3. In agreement thankyou for the time spent in doing preparing the Sabbath school lesson so we have the benefit for deeper study by using Logos
    3. I am posting an updated copy of the 2024 Q1 quarterly. We had some errors reported to us (thanks Rick) and then additional review showed us that numerous bible references, which Logos is normally very good at picking up, were not being recognized as bible references, due to their formatting. So we worked on those. If you have already done the personal book, all you have to do is download this new zip file, unzip it into the same place you did before, (either overwrite, or delete the old one first) and then go into Logos and re-build the book.
      1. Thanks much Neal for you attention to the details. We all appreciate it greatly!!!
      2. Thank you very much for all the work!!!
    4. I have posted the Quarterly for next quarter--2024, Quarter 1 - Psalms in the Bible Study - Logos Documents section. I have also posted the Pine Knoll SS helps for the same (2024 Q1). Please let us know if there any issues. I have tweaked the quarterly slightly (day and date after the title instead of before). This allows all the navigational methods (TOC, page and date) to come to the same point, providing more consistency in navigation.
      1. Hi Neal. Any chance of getting these in Spanish as well?
      2. None of the group speak Spanish, at least that I am aware of. Even if we could trust a translation program to take our final product and change it to Spanish, we would have to redo all the book linking (this time to Spanish versions of the EGW books), all without being able to do corrections. So at this time I would have to say no. If there is one or more individuals out there who do speak Spanish, they would be welcome to take the document we publish and do those 2 things--translate and re-do the links. That would at least be a lot less work than starting over from scratch with a Spanish translation not already in Logos ready format.
      3. Thank you :-)
    5. I have uploaded the 4th Quarter Pine Knoll Helps to the Logos Documents folder. As done previously this year, links to the EGW books are included. It is for both PC and Mac. Please let one of us know if you have any problems making a personal book in Logos.
      1. Thank you very much for all your work on these resources!
      2. Thank you so much for all your hard work in providing these.
    6. I have just uploaded the 4th Quarter SDA Lesson Study "God's Mission" to the Logos Documents folder. It is for both PC and MAC versions. Please let us know if you have any problems with making this file a personal book. It also includes EGW links as well as further reading from the EGW supplemental book. Both the front cover and back cover of the quarterly are included.
      1. Thank you
      2. Thank you... These make an enormous contribution to our little church of 25 or so regulars :-)... Chris :-)
      3. We are so glad to hear that! The Pine Knoll study helps will be posted soon! Happy Sabbath!
    7. Good morning. Files are in the chat
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        The Free Bible Version, translated by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher is now available for free in Logos! The following is a link: https://www.logos.com/product/253133/free-bible-version Dr. Gallagher does a 30 minute discussion of the Sabbath School lessons each week. They can be found at http://www.sabbathschoolonthemove.org/ More information on the Free Bible Version can be found at: http://www.freebibleversion.org
        1. I have uploaded the Pine Knoll helps with the EGW links in them to the document area. Please remember that Andy A. came up with a way to automate the links, the down side being that the link takes you to the page, but not to the specific place on the page. This primarily means that the hover text will likely not match, because the desired text may be partway down the page. Since the quote is already present in the Pine Knoll helps, using the links is mostly for those who want to read context, so we thought this would be OK. We had to take some testing time this time, but it should make it possible to have the links available right away when the helps are ready. Please take some time to try this out and give us feedback as to the useability. If it is satisfactory, we will continue to use the same process on the links in the quarterly.
          1. Thank you so much!
          2. Thank you. The links are a great benefit.