• I know this is a long shot, but any chance anyone knows of a way to remove the DRM from B&N ebooks? I purchased the Notes for this quarter thinking I could convert to dox the way I do Amazon books and it is not working. And for some reason Notes is not avail on Amazon this quarter. I have tried several ways and so far nothing is working, any help would be appreciated.
    1. Dawn: Contact me personally for a different solution to get the notes legally: philiprmills @ gmail. I put in some spaces and didn't complete the ending so that the e-mail can't be roboharvested.
  • The new file with the Pine Knoll 2021 Q4 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
    1. Need help for the last three quarters I have not been able to download the lessons on my Mac, 2 build errors.
    2. Have you used the download file which contains the letters MAC as part of the name and avoided downloading the file with PC one?? I don't have a MAC myself so I depend on MAC users to tell me when I have slipped up. Last quarter I did slip up and issued a corrected file.
    3. Hi James, Please clarify what the issue is. The way I understand, you are able to download the word documents (for the Pine Knoll study helps), but you receive errors when building the book. What is the specific errors? I have a MacBook and the files work for me. I did receive 1 font error, but the book still built. I could not find what caused the font error.
  • Both MAC and PC versions for the 4th quarter are now available for downloading.
    1. Hello John, Thank you so much for your great work.
    2. Thank you John. Your hard work is very much appreciated. God bless.
    3. Thank you so much for all you do for us
  • I am looking for the PC version of the Adult Study Guide for the 4th quarter 2021. I see the MAC version is uploaded. When can we expect to see the PC version? Thank you.
    1. Greetings. Sorry that I did not check the group over the weekend. The PC version should now be uploaded.
    2. What happened was that I had both versions ready to be uploaded and after loading the MAC version I got halfway through uploading the PC version and only had to click the button to complete it and got distracted. The distraction was so important that I can't even recall what it was! Fortunately Rick noticed that the PC version was missing and I received his email this morning advising me of my error. Apologies to all.
    3. Welcome to the club. ;-)
  • The new file with the Pine Knoll 2021 Q3 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
      1. Josh, I am confused. If this is the 3rd Q Sabbath school lesson, that is what this group is all about. Look at the note from John B below, and then go to documents and download the correct one for you. The Word Doc format is in the zip file for import into Logos.
      2. It’s the companion book to the sabbath lesson called the bookshelf
      3. Oh. Confusing with the same cover and title.
    1. Greetings The Quarterly Study Guides for the third quarter of 2021 for both PCs and MACs have just been posted. With grateful thanks to Hawkeye Rick as always, picking up things that I have overlooked!
      1. I decided to use the other file, EAQ21_Q3_PC.docx, and that works just fine.
      2. Apologies Chalvar and anyone else with the same problem.. The file has now been corrected. Thanks for pointing this out. It was caused me including the final but one version in the zip file instead of the final version..
      3. Anyone who has already installed the PC Teachers version just needs to access the old one through the Personal Book tool, scroll through to find the entry for this new quarter. Then delete the incorrect word file and after replacing it with the correct word file, rebuilding the logos file before re-uploading where required. The quarterly will be automatically replaced.