• where do you get the zip file for the 2019 3rd qtr ss lesson?
    1. Download the file to your computer uninstall it then compile the book you can choose whether you want to upload the compile book to sing to other computers
    2. Finally I got it! Keep me in your prayers for next month that I remember how to do this!! Thank you all for your help and have a Blessed Sabbath!!
    3. Sorry next Quarter!
  • I'd like to connect to the 2019 Q3 SS Lesson, but I don't see any way to do so. Maybe I'm missing something. I've downloaded the zip file, but I can't seem to upload it into logos.
    1. Yes, using the '.docx' and 'jpg' files from the zip file. I have a folder called Logos Books in my documents file that I copy them to and then link to them in the Personal Book builder.
    2. Chalvar, I hope you have managed to build it. Sadly, this is the only way that we can use to provide the SS lesson. As with all PBs, they will not appear on a mobile app. There is a faint hope that this will be possible in the future but I am not holding my breath!
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      Yes, Building the book is not too difficult. Here is how to do it. -Open "Personal Books" from the Tools Menu. -Click on Add Book just below the Personal books tab. -Type in the Title of the Book in the window that just opened and then fill in all the other information related to the book. -Choose Monograph as the type for this book. -You can add a field such as "Abbreviated Title" for the Quarterly such as you have described above "2019 Q3 ASSQ" or something like that so that you can search for it using the abbreviation. -Then Click on Add file and link the file that you downloaded. As Rick mentioned you should create a folder with all your personal books in it so they are easily found later. Store them in the cloud if possible so that you can link them to other computers with Logos on them and rebuild the book on those computers if you find problems. -After linking the file of the book then -attach the .jpg image of the cover by clicking on Change ... below the Book Image box. link the Image to the .jpg file that you downloaded from the zip files. These Images should be stored in the same folder with the .doc files with the same name as the book so that they are easily associated later. -Final two steps are to click on the "Build Book" button to build the Book then when it is finished click on the Finished button. -Final step which is an option is to click on the Upload button in the book that you just created so that the book will be available on other computers that you have with Logos on them. Hope that helps for anyone that has not built a personal book yet.
  • The new file with the Pine Knoll 2019 Q3 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
    1. Greetings As some will have noticed, the SS Lessons for the third Quarter were posted 3 or 4 days ago. I have replaced those with a new zip file the ONLY difference being an updated cover picture (as a separate file and also in both Lesson books first pages) which is significantly sharper than the previous picture. The written content is exactly the same so if you are happy with the previous version you will not want to replace it. Any suggestions to me please.
      1. Sounds like good improvements John. Thanks much for your efforts!!
      2. Thank you.
      3. where do you get the zip file from
    2. Hhello... I hope this group rekindles
      1. This week's lesson about choices already gave some very good thoughts to think about. Here is another point to ponder about: The choice to respond to someone's else emotional need: Sometimes the harshest and most belligerent attitudes expressed by family members are coverups of their own weakness, vulnerability, or personal need. Your sensitivity, your tenderness, your love can release your loved ones to joy and peace as you are aware of their need for intimate response. Huffman, J. A., Jr. (2001). The Family You Want: How to Build an Authentic, Loving Home (p. 72). Fearn, UK: Christian Focus Publications.
        1. I started to read an amazing book on family life: "The Family You Want - How to Build an Authentic, Loving Home" Huffman, J. A., Jr. (2001). I must say, reading chapter 3 of the book gave some insight on this coming week's lesson when it comes to choices. One thing that did stand out for me is the way that he presents his case regarding how family life can be changed when we allow Christ to make the change. If you do have some time, give the book a read, you won't regret it.
          1. The Final posting of the the pre-edited Adult lesson and the Adult Teachers guide for the first quarter of this year together with comments by Ranko and Jon on the changes made by other hands during late editing is now available for downloading. We owe grateful thanks to both Ranko (who was periodically jetting between assorted continents) and Jon for their time and effort into preparing these. After this Sabbath we will be experiencing a contrast with the lesson for the second quarter of 2019 mainly on the Family.
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              Logos 8 Free Mobile Ed Course

              For those who upgraded to Logos 8, what is your recommendation for the free Mobile Ed course?

              A couple that I am interested in are:

              OT317 Book Study: Judges

              CM151 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons

              Please advise. Thank you.

            2. The final posting for Revelation DIY is now up together with the penultimate post for Ranko and Jon's series on the changes made to their original manuscripts. Those who have been following these posts, will be well aware that although the writers have commented very favourably on some changes, they have also been very unhappy about some changes which appear to have them teaching things which they strongly disagree with.
              1. Thank you again for all your work on these.