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    1. This week's lesson about choices already gave some very good thoughts to think about. Here is another point to ponder about: The choice to respond to someone's else emotional need: Sometimes the harshest and most belligerent attitudes expressed by family members are coverups of their own weakness, vulnerability, or personal need. Your sensitivity, your tenderness, your love can release your loved ones to joy and peace as you are aware of their need for intimate response. Huffman, J. A., Jr. (2001). The Family You Want: How to Build an Authentic, Loving Home (p. 72). Fearn, UK: Christian Focus Publications.
      1. I started to read an amazing book on family life: "The Family You Want - How to Build an Authentic, Loving Home" Huffman, J. A., Jr. (2001). I must say, reading chapter 3 of the book gave some insight on this coming week's lesson when it comes to choices. One thing that did stand out for me is the way that he presents his case regarding how family life can be changed when we allow Christ to make the change. If you do have some time, give the book a read, you won't regret it.
        1. The Final posting of the the pre-edited Adult lesson and the Adult Teachers guide for the first quarter of this year together with comments by Ranko and Jon on the changes made by other hands during late editing is now available for downloading. We owe grateful thanks to both Ranko (who was periodically jetting between assorted continents) and Jon for their time and effort into preparing these. After this Sabbath we will be experiencing a contrast with the lesson for the second quarter of 2019 mainly on the Family.
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            DiscussLogos 8 Free Mobile Ed Course

            For those who upgraded to Logos 8, what is your recommendation for the free Mobile Ed course?

            A couple that I am interested in are:

            OT317 Book Study: Judges

            CM151 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons

            Please advise. Thank you.

          2. The final posting for Revelation DIY is now up together with the penultimate post for Ranko and Jon's series on the changes made to their original manuscripts. Those who have been following these posts, will be well aware that although the writers have commented very favourably on some changes, they have also been very unhappy about some changes which appear to have them teaching things which they strongly disagree with.
            1. Thank you again for all your work on these.
          3. The new file with the Pine Knoll 2019 Q2 SS Lesson helps is now in the Bible Study\ Logos Documents section. Moderators: Daniel Duda and Jon Paulien
            1. Both Revelation DIY (up to lesson 12) and Ranko and Jon's comments on changes from their Lesson book pre-edited versions of the Study and teachers notes (up to week 11) are posted in the Bible Study section of this group..
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                The Adult SS lessons for the second Quarter have been uploaded (go to Community/Bible Study/Logos Documents). This new Quarter is titled "Family Seasons". This should be rather more peaceful than the one just finishing!!! Ranko's heavily edited lesson on Revelation certainly benefited by recourse to the Companion Revelation book by new SS teachers and by use of "Plain Revelation" by more experienced teachers whether or not they agree with some of Ranko's views. That is no comment on the quarterly, just the subject. My book and bible house have temporally run out of Plain Revelation! I was at a weekend gathering last weekend and apparently the church a retired minister friend I was chatting to attended, had decided to do its own thing and done a completely different topic this first quarter. Sadly one of us was taken aside at that point and I forgot to query WHY? Was anyone else in this situation?
                1. Thanks John. We have a shortage of men in the Bahamas as well.
                2. Thank you for bringing this to light John B. I had wondered. I believe I will help some where else for the next quarter. I hate to go to church just to cry.....
                3. John, I have to take my hat of for those ladies. As a 'single' young man living in a small town in South Africa I too have the challenge. Dating a non-Adventist seems like the only option at times, but the question still remains: "Will it eventually bring happiness?"
              2. I am so sorry to being so late with both the files. I was away on a lay organised church weekend with Reinder Bruinsma as the speaker (for those on the east side of the Atlantic) and forgot to explain 8-(. Anyway both files are posted.