• I know it has been asked before, but has anyone taken this course. Learning Biblical Greek is 95% why I purchase Logos. Is there anyone who can attest to this course?
    1. I have not. But Zondervan offers biblical Greek and its a good value. Taught by Bill Mounce. But its a 1 year course.
  • Just a question, with the package, what happens once Logos 9 is released in a couple years? How will the Ultimate upgrade with the new Logos? I am at Gold 8 with Bronze 8 P/C, Baptist, and J/M.
    1. The books and tools included in this product are permanently added to your library when you purchase it. You will still have the benefit of these resources and tools in future versions of our software, such as Logos 9. You will receive a proportionate discount if you order any products with content that "overlaps" with this collection. But this product does not include access to new tools, functions, or books that may be released in the future.
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      I am sorry to hear you had difficulty with ordering this. I can confirm that this did not process. Please try to order it again. Feel free to contact us at customerservice@faithlife.com or 1-800-875-6467 if you need further help.
    2. I cannot order now because the order attempt was during last month when it was free.
  • This is my 3rd time leaving a review or comment for this product, and it was removed both times. My question is regarding, would I be able to use the newer version if I purchased it from another website, on logos. Please do not delete this comment again. I only want to know the answer. Thanks.
    1. Hey AJ! Only resources purchased within our store can be used within the Logos program. As for when this resource will be updated to the more recent version, we cannot say as that comes down to the Publisher. We do apologize.
    2. Diederick Putter 5 minutes ago The 2nd edition is available for purchase from Accordance, OliveTree and other online bible offerings. Not sure why the supplier would not release this to logos. This has become a lame excuse from logos’s part. Logos cleverly bundle these with their base packages to still sell their outdated resources.