• Returned it after reading one chapter--unbelievably biased. I don't have the quote in front of me, but the author said something to the effect of: no one has done more harm to the doctrine of scripture than Karl Barth. I was repulsed by this project's dogmatism.
    1. As a matter of fact, as a theologian with 10 years of experience, I totally agree on this Barth comment. Maybe I will buy this book despite the high price.
  • This is the best 1st Year Greek Grammar I have ever seen. Mounce is good but a new student can get way bogged down in his discussions on morphology, and the history behind how certain forms took shape. This information is good, but to introduce it to a brand new student can be discouraging, overwhelming, and pedagogically ill advised. Croy's text has a wonderful balance between too much and not enough, and between deductive and inductive methods.
    1. I have this series in print, and would definitely pay this price to be able to carry it in my pocket as well as integrate it into the Logos software. The scholarship is thorough, honest, and extremely good. It is very up to date, as most of the articles seem to have been written very near the date of publication (2009-10). While the authors have hope and faith in God (I do not know them personally, so cannot make a blanket statement), the articles are very far from being religiously biased (to the extent that one ignores fact to hold on to some particular aspect of their faith), which is immensely needed in today's culture and church. This series has been immensely valuable in my intellectual as well as spiritual growth. Like, Caleb, I sincerely hope that there will be enough interest in this wonderful resource for Logos to work it's magic on it!