• Interesting that the Pre-Wrath premillennialism view is NOT represented in this course. Editorial bias?
    1. Buyer warning ! Mr Conway uses an example to support his point in Segment 8 'Consequences of Rejecting the Truth' from a old newspaper column of Ann Landers that is truly vulgar, repugnant and offensive. Mr. Conway, could you find no other example to support your point that you would have to reach into the sewer for this example? It certainly detracts from your teaching and in my opinion earns that segment an "X-rating". It is truly a distracting and offensive example and buyers should be alerted to it being present in the presentation. I did not finish the course because I find it difficult to sit under the teaching of someone who can so easily exercise such poor judgment in choosing support examples. Kind of like treading thru a field of land mines! I found this a waste of money and time but a good teaching lesson for me to vet the teacher before buying the course. Allan L Paul, MD
      1. Dear Mr. Paul, I do agree with your assessment; however, I would like to have the ability to learn through the course, setting aside the language issue. Since you have no doubt bought the course, and it does not appear that you are going to continue the course, I would like to ask if at all possible, you could please transfer the course to me. I so much love studying the Bible using my bronze level LOGOS. I am unemployed and cannot afford to purchase this or other training courses at this time. I have the time now but no money. Thanks, and God bless you. Charles Thibodeaux cat1960@charter.net
      2. Hey Allan, I am a bit weirded by your comment that the material was offensive at one point. Given that you are alive and well and living in the western world in 2018, how do you cope with the continual bombardment of this sort of stuff from every direction? I just don't think that being offended is very realistic or very helpful or relevant any more because the times have changed and this is the stuff that even your kids are going to encounter and see in the playground and on the TV and the internet and everywhere else. I think we have to move on from "being offended", and we certainly have to learn how to swim above this stuff cos it is only getting worse.
      3. The detail of this example has been explained by another reviewer so I'll just say while I do not agree with the behaviour of the person in the example, I was not offended to have it used as an example in this course. It's reflective of the world in which we live where there are very. The world in which we want to offer an apologetic of our faith. Paul in his writings speaks of inappropriate sexual activity, Genesis has relates incidents of what we would look of as inappropriate sexual activity as do other books of the the OT. So should we be offended by the bible and say it is a waste of our money? If we get offended by behaviour we don't agree with we are not going to be very effective in offering an apologetic of our faith in Christ.