• Thanks for the notification. Good work all involved. It is more of this works that we need to get. I hope to own it sometime and more, read it ! I will review it then.!
    1. Hi I am from the Dutch Reform Tradition and in many ways I am at odds with many things said in many courses and books in Logos. However, The insight gained reading the actual words and the authors views has strengthened my knowledge and understanding, not only from my point of view but that of others. I am proud of of every book I own. Logos cannot become a tool governed by a specific group as we all will loose the true value of what they provide. What some call heretical may not be heretical at all, merely a differing point of view taken up to ensure that you community can operate within your believe system. Remember, while scripture is infallable, our interpretation of scripture is fallable (Charles Hodge) and as reformers we should be proud of our tradition of being able to reform based on or continious study of the scripture, even in our interpretation of the scripture. .But this course if you want your understanding to grow and you may disagree with the presenter ! However I believe you will find a lot more common ground than differences. "If you loose and argument because you come to a different view you are actually the real winner."
      1. Thank you Dr Heiser and Logos for making available this course. I highly recommend this course ... I am a 56 year old armchair theologian and head elder in my church. It is my first real experience using Mobile Ed. I could manage to do it even if I did not have the Platinum edition. If all Mobile Courses is of these quality I would be investing in the products as soon as our Exchange improves. I am from South Africa. I liked the fact that it helped me to get to 1) understand the material 2) make sense of some of the books I have in my library and how they relate I commend the balanced approach to sometimes controversial subjects. I am of the Dutch Reformed tradition and tend to be more liberal as our theologians and scholars were strongly influenced during the enlightenment and the German school. Although Textual criticism is somewhat less controversial now than before, what this course has shown is that if these issues raised and discussed in the context of time we can appreciate the position of our fellow Christians from more a more conservative position. Facts have a way of eliminating emotion. Recommendations: The video and text are exactly the same. Dr Heiser should feel free to add additional depth ( expanding the paragraphs to provide more info not quite suited for the video or alternatively link to some of his own resources. I wanted more of his insights. The quizzes are sometimes to easy. Step it up and include some of the reference material items to encourage further research. I.e 80% from the lecture and 20% from additional material Some of the sections are very brief and here I am divided in myself.. Shorter sessions for busy people is good, longer sections for the person dedicated more time... Thanks again