• Extraordinary. I only wish it was longer. I doubt I ever would have picked this course from the description alone. I subscribe to Mobile Ed from time to time and am often surprised by those courses that I am not excited about at first and how they often end up being one of the most valuable of what I have surveyed. I just finished the videos and have just finished weeping. I was ministered to so deeply by the last part of the course. Some of the introductions had me wondering what was to come in the following section and then deep truths of connection would come forth that would give me deeper appreciation of Christ and the entire biblically story. So often, I have seen the church reactionary in theological bent-- our human nature, I suppose. The bible is a gem with many facets. I am happy to have discovered another. May God keep us out of the ditches and draw us deeper into understanding and relationship with Him. This course has lots of reference readings to the Ancient Christian Commentary set, which I do not yet own, but have on my radar for the future.
    1. I'm not even through this course yet and I would love to thank the instructor personally, if I could. I have been in bible studies for 15 years that tend to approach things either topically or from the perspective of the denominational teaching (I am not a Calvinist) or a book (mostly New Testament). What has been missing is the broader perspective and a biblical theology approach as the instructor defined it and I have been longing for this approach as of late, though I didn't quite know how to articulate it. I am viewing this as part of a Mobile Ed subscription and am so thankful to have "stumbled upon" this one. So many pieces are falling into place for me and I am so grateful. Really thankful for the Old Testament scholars on Logos Mobile Ed. This foundation is what has been lacking and/or not interpreted with enough depth or perhaps slightly off out of ignorance in my group gatherings. Looking forward to finishing this. Lots to process here.
      1. You may want to read the reviews on another popular website before buying this one.
        1. I think this is from a Calvinist perspective. Calvin and Augustine are quoted many times. There is very little interaction with the scripture in the lectures, but lots of references to history and other's writings and the strengths and weaknesses of their views. I did learn a few things. I don't feel like I even have a better understanding of where Calvinists are sitting, though, even though soteriology debates are some of the most heated discussions I see online. I did gain a different perspective on my church background, which was edifying to hear from a different perspective. If you are interested in history and tradition, and are already a Calvinist, you will likely enjoy this course.
          1. I'm only about halfway through this, but just wanted to say I appreciate this class so, so very much. Incredible perception, easy of communication, connection with the gospel. Not only am I learning a ton (and being corrected on some things), God is ministering to me deeply. I would have never thought that would happen with this book. I have had to stop multiple times in the recording to just praise God or shed a tear. I am so thankful that this man was drawn to study this book in such depth over decades. This is on Mobile Ed subscription ending this month (see above if it's still there under included collections). Don't miss it! I'm very confident the second half of this is going to be edifying that I'm already giving it 5 stars. My goal this year past year was to study the Pentateuch in depth. I am so thankful to have come across this. Dr. Block's Deuteronomy course (or NIV Application Commentary) is must as well. Excellent.
            1. Ok, I guess I can't edit. Please forgive any typos/lack of clarity. :)
            2. I just finished this course recently. I was blessed also by it.
          2. I am really grateful to have picked this one up. We are now studying the Sermon on the Mount in small group bible study and this has really opened up the text for me far beyond what was being shared. I understand where the denominational bent in that group is coming from and I had started to unravel what the instructor was getting at prior. I love how he contextualized everything within the book of Matthew (I learned even more about Matthew even though I had just finished a class on it) and went over various interpretations in history. Illuminating and one I know I will come back to again even though I am not quite through with it. The interpretation/explanation of teleios was so spot on. Wonderful.