• I've read the article in my explorer and have found it to be irresponsible and misleading. the one thing that baptism is I have not seen, that baptism is burial of the old man Adam and the resurrection of man to the newness of life through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit . Sinless Christ did it to show us what will happen when we baptism, again receive the Holy Spirit as he did. To mention the word " poured" is n poor taste. Is it that we cannot visualize people on the day of pentecost being immersed in Jerusalem? in any case the scripture never said that the 3 thousand were baptized in Jerusalem. to mention baptism in the Jordan was also misleading since the water stopped flowing. Noah's and the Red Sea baptism are considered as such because of the burial effect of the non-stop rain covering the ark on all sides in one case and the reds was like an open grave with water on both sides (and probably mist on top). the real cleansing of Christians are done by the blood as far as I know and not the water of baptism. who's really watering down baptism?
    1. I’ll give this book high marks bu only as an eye opener that would cause people not to impune their own thoughts on scripture. Now that I’ve learned the word “mores”, I would say I’ve always suspected missionaries did not teach about grace or rather did not trust their native converts with grace so they taught perfection. They taught don’t drink and God could not have made alcohol (I have that on tape) despite Deut 14:26. They taught that wine was grape juice; yet Paul didn’t tell Timothy to drink lots of it. The verdict is still out on musical instruments even if there is no scripture condemning it; they never considered that God was trying to say that if was necessary since it would restrict worship and the spreading of the gospel and that a capella would suffice. It’s hard to imagine that people claimed they were Christian and yet did not understand that people of color were brethren. I still hear Churches being designated white or black especially by the media and no one objects, it’s truly sad. But the book is a good read, it’s like wine tasting in that you can trash it around in your mouth, but you don’t have to swallow.