• Man, wow, super, fantastic! Love the layout and concept of this set commentaries. This one on Acts is so well done for an in-depth, exegetical commentary. It has everything yet is extremely well written and easy to read. I bought a few others of the set that are on sell. Would buy them all if I could afford them! So well done. I like the uniformity of the commentaries as stated in the series introduction to each commentary: The key question to ask is: What are you looking for in a commentary? This commentary series might be for you if • you have taken Greek and would like a commentary that helps you apply what you have learned without assuming you are a well-trained scholar. • you would find it useful to see a concise, one- or two- sentence statement of what the commentator thinks the main point of each passage is. • you would like help interpreting the words of Scripture without getting bogged down in scholarly issues that seem irrelevant to the life of the church. • you would like to see a visual representation (a graphical display) of the flow of thought in each passage. • you would like expert guidance from solid evangelical scholars who set out to explain the meaning of the original text in the clearest way possible and to help you navigate through the main interpretive issues. • you want to benefit from the results of the latest and best scholarly studies and historical information that help to illuminate the meaning of the text. • you would find it useful to see a brief summary of the key theological insights that can be gleaned from each passage and some discussion of the relevance of these for Christians today.
    1. Just purchased this set. Obviously, I haven't had time to do an in depth analysis of the volumes (even if I had that ability). However, one great surprise in the volumes is the "New Testament Appropriation" section an the end of each section of the book. This is somewhat the opposite of "New Testament use of the Old Testament" but the same concept. In my opinion that makes the volumes worth it in those sections alone. I wish all OT commentaries had sections like that it would be extremely useful to all. You can't go wrong here!