• I agree with Nathan below that the Word Biblical Commentary can be hit or miss. This volume stands out as my favorite in the series. Mounce is great. Other ones teach clearly false doctrines that aren't in line with mainstream scholarship, believing, secular or otherwise (e.g. the commentary on Isaiah).
    1. Dear Logos / Lexham Press, This is an excellent work that I (at this point) highly recommend with a few reservations: First, there are typos in this edition. This is just unacceptable for a published Bible translation. Please don't leave it to Logos users to do your proofreading. Second, please do away with obscuring the original text by using gender neutral terminology. This is completely unnecessary for your target audience. They understand that every document needs to be read in its proper context — that's why they have come to the LXX in the first place. There is no need to add an extra layer of obscurity to the text by censoring out portions where the words "man", "men", "son", "he", etc. are used to describe the human race in general, the sons of Israel, or a generic person. We're looking for *the most literal, faithful, rendering of the LXX text* — that's why I, for one, am using your translation and I gather that's why many others have come to it, who were not satisfied with the NETS. Other than this, I am thus far very pleased with this translation and look forward to getting the print edition once it comes out, provided you address this important issues.
      1. *these important issues