• The book addresses the spectrum of viewpoints regarding Paul on salvation and the Jew/gentile problem, not only with an all-star lineup of respondents but also the supporter of the viewpoint providing a rejoinder to the respondents. As is typical with McKnight's books, it is both scholarly and pastoral; an informed minister provides a response in the Afterword. As is typical of Oropeza's books, it is scholarly, well-documented, and yet very readable. Admittedly, though, I am biased!
    1. What would be helpful is that logos provides a dictionary like this in German that links with other resources and provides also the inflections (similar to logos's Latin resources, etc., that one could click on and be linked to the definition and inflection.). This would make all the logos products that are in German more readable and boost the sales.
      1. For a smaller commentary, I was surprised that it had a fair amount of content, for example, on the Bathsheba incident. If you like structural chiasms, you will like this volume (though in my view some chiasms are more plausible than others). One set back in this volume is that the author does not engage much with other authors. That may be a plus, however, for someone who may simply want to read this book cover to cover. Don't be impressed, however, if you are a serious researcher. At a little over 300 pages covering 24 different chapters in 2 Sam., you'll end up getting what you pay for.