• Any work that deny's the scriptural 6 day creation while attempting to insert the religion of evolutionism is a must pass.
    1. I purchased Logos 6 Lutheran Silver just weeks before Logos 7 came out. Then they wanted to charge me over $500 to "upgrade", not sound business practice. Had I known 7 was going to be released so soon I would have waited considering It would have cost me less money for the 7 package than it cost me for my 6 package. The software is good and worth having but it is overshadowed by the poor business practices of the company.
      1. I just bought The Unseen Realm on Kindle for $9.95 and it was not on sale. Why would you be selling it for $25? Had the price not been so ridiculous here I would have purchased it from Logos. Typical of logos price gouging tactics.
        1. I agree!
        2. I found it for 9.99 Amazon Kindle.
        3. I was aware of the price difference, but chose Logos version anyway. I bought this book, not just to read, but to study in depth. Logos links everything and makes my in depth study easier. If I just wanted to read it and that was all, then yes, I would have bought the Kindle version. That's just good money management. My study of this book would have been much more difficult and especially time consuming without the Logos edition. With Logos, you're buying more than a book. You're building a user friendly research library.