• Brothers (whoever reads and is shopping), here is my story regarding nearly(*) purchasing this resource. I loved the 'old New Bible Commentary' which was available in 1970s, when I began to study the bible with a 1-book commentary, in more detail than a 'handbook'. That 'old New' book is not available currently, but was replaced (in same title) by another very well written one by D. A. Carson & others. I have that 'Newer' resource in Logos. Now, in print editions, the original 'old New' is called The Eerdmans Bible Commentary (3rd Ed.). It has many great details that the Carson edition doesn't (different editors, carefully selected). In searching for that Eerdmans title from Logos today, I found instead an even newer edition (or so-titled), 'Eerdmans' that has been authored / edited by J. G. Dunn. Not knowing anything about Dr. Dunn, I Googled his name, and found a major 'new' doctrine that -- like the chance winds of doctrine that we are warned of in Eph. 4:14 -- attempts to completely blow away what believers have understood since the early church was founded, regarding the amazingly redeemed, New creation life of our Apostle Paul (whose life and teachings are EXTREMELY important, as the apostle to the Gentiles). Beware! Let me encourage those of you who are willing to accept a second opinion on Dr. Dunn's doctrine to examine the link below from gotquestions.org, which is a well-respected source of reproof regarding many false teachings. Keep in mind that are called not to embrace spurious doctrines or teachings, disputes about words, fictional stories (what we want to believe) or philosophical musings, but rather our practical and powerful (if we really are in Christ) living relationship with Christ, which Paul's life showed, sacrificially and with great humility. Brothers, we are called to the unity of the faith once delivered to the saints, and to expose doctrinal errors, not to embrace people's teachings who creep in with other doctrines (see the books of Jude and 2 Peter). SO before purchasing, those who want a caring and careful perspective should read this article from a very well-reputed source: https://www.gotquestions.org/New-Perspective-Paul.html Respectfully for Christ and His Love of the Truth, Chuck
    1. The Got Questions link is a good summary by a reputable organization. You can also get a summary of this on Wikipedia under "New Perspective on Paul" where James D. G. Dunn was involved early in this movement. N. T. Wright was involved with the popularization of it but disagrees with Dunn's view. This is a big enough flag to keep me from purchasing this.