• Quote from New Testament Scholar Professor David Flusser's "Judaism and the Origins of Christianity": Today it has become recognized by an increasing number of scholars that a study of the New Testament and early Christianity without an intimate knowledge of Jewish sources leads to inaccurate and fragmentary results. Hence it is essential for the scholar to have both a free access to all the available Jewish sources and a well-based, sound knowledge of all the trends and groups of Judaism in antiquity. In other words: a researcher of early Christianity also must be a creative scholar in Judaism. He has to recognize also that very often not only the synoptic gospels but also the whole New Testament contains witnesses of Jewish thought and life from a period anterior to most of the rabbinic texts." It was evident by this man's writing that he was just reiterating traditional Christian theology, and not digging in deep to uncover the true meaning of the Law and how it truly is Life.
    1. If you want to get a true picture of Martin Luther, read his book "The Jews and their Lies"--if you can stomach it.
      1. Really? And may I ask your redeemed reasoning for making such an ignorant statement? Perhaps you should learn a little more about a man that is just as guilty as you and whom the Holy Spirit utilized to this point at least to a far greater extent than you or I.
      2. I still find him admirable as a person (Yes, he did screw up in relation to the Jews and the peasant revolt. Is that all there is to Luther? No). The best book on Luther I've read is "Luther the Reformer" by James M. Kittelson.