• This series of lectures was very insightful in how it directs the listener to step into the sandals of our early church ancestors, connecting the dots between many historical and theological themes. Wright and Bird guide the listener through the New Testament in a very generous, yet very precise way; making this a good resource for believers of any academic standing. This would be appropriate for anyone interested in biblical study.
    1. Nabeel’s story will keep you engaged every minute! This is perhaps the most personal and honest account I’ve even encountered in a book. He craft-fully and systematically unpacks the differences between Islam and Christianity all the while maintaining the story line of his beautiful testimony. I suggest this book for anyone looking to better understand their Muslim neighbors or this essence of true conversion; this is a great testimony of true friendship and God’s grace!
      1. I was introduced to Wax via the "American Gospel" film series, and his work on this book substantiates everything he contributed to the documentary series. This is a very readable book that provides a helpful framework with which to articulate the Biblical Gospel and from which to distinguish the counterfeits. What drew me to this resource was my desire to find a book that thoroughly over-viewed the common misconceptions about the Gospel that "American Christianity" has manufactured and exported over the last century. I found just that with this book. Trevin weaves in several real life examples and stories that make this not just a reference resource (as I originally approached it), but an engaging book to study. I think it certainly would be good for a small group focus study on the Gospel.
        1. This was my first specific look at the life and ministry of John Calvin, and I wasn't disappointed. Though this focuses more specifically on his pulpit ministry, a role that was not foremost in my mind, I came away cherishing the practical, expository outpouring of a theological giant. As a young preacher myself, I was encouraged by how a master expositor like Dr. Lawson unpacked Calvin's craft for my own edification. Dr. Lawson's book would be a great companion in a series on the multifaceted life and ministry of John Calvin.
          1. Dr. Lawson's books are much like his preaching and therefore make for an engaging experience. While I anticipated a more thorough look at Edwards life from a historical sense, this book focused primarily on Edwards' heart and his personal piety. Dr. Lawson does well in interpreting the life of Jonathan Edwards through his 70 Resolutions. Thus, this book would make for a wonderful companion in a study on the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards since they serve as a topical structure for the book.
            1. Authorized provides a much needed look into what makes our English Bible's so precious to us. Each chapter is filled with honest questions and helpful explanations about an apparently waning affinity for the King James Version. The personal examples and illustrations provided by Dr. Ward help unpack the vital aspects of communication, language, and vernacular that have influenced translators in their work over the centuries. Dr. Ward's book is also a helpful introduction for anyone interested in discovering what gave rise to the various English translations we have today. Though the "KJV Controversy" may subside in the not too distant future, this book provides a helpful, lasting look at how we should both approach and enjoy the wealth of scholarly work put into our modern day renderings of God's timeless truth.
              1. I read this wonderful book over this past Thanksgiving week with the hope of setting the record straight in my own mind about the Pilgrims and our beloved American holiday. What I walked away with was far better: an honest discussion on the evolution of the thanksgiving holiday, a treasure trove of documented data, a much-needed lesson on the responsible "doing" of history, and a stronger affinity for the Pilgrims as my distant brothers and sisters in Christ. Dr. McKenzie writes as a disciple-making teacher, whose honesty and frankness make what could be a very frustrating topic a very enjoyable reading experience. If you love the American Thanksgiving holiday, you would do well to consider Dr. McKenzie's work.
                1. Dave Saxton provides a wonderful compilation of Puritan teaching on the spiritual discipline of meditation. As one who had read little of the Puritans, this book whet my appetite for the treasures that can be found in their deep reflections on Scripture as well as their practical habit of pulling spiritual illustrations from everyday phenomenon. I walked away encouraged at how something that seemed so difficult and nebulous, like meditation, begins with simple disciplines of faith. This books is a wonderfully concise anthology of Puritan writing and practice.