• I'm SO super excited about this. He has been my inductive Bible study hero and teacher for so many years! Thank you to the Jensen Family and Logos for bringing these valuable resources to us.
    1. I am SUPER excited to see this book on Logos. When my friend and I were going to Israel, we decided to find a book to prepare our hearts for the trip. We decided on this book. The book is fantastic! 1/2 of it is written by a Jewish, non-Christian who lives in Israel and writes about the land from a historical perspective. She teamed up with a Christian who then writes about the land from a devotional Christian perspective. The pictures are STUNNING and the insights are fantastic. Further, it is a perfect balance of history and devotion. Fast forward four days into our tour of Israel. The guide was so knowledgeable and we loved her! We went with the group "Friends of Israel." Anyway, my friend is walking in a gift shop and sees this book on a table, picks it up and tells another lady that the book is fantastic and that we used it to prepare our hearts for our trip to Israel. She laughed and said, " You do realize that our tour guide wrote this book!" We ran over to her and shared our story, and it brought her to tears. She actually stopped and called her co-writer while we stood there. While the story is a neat one, the book is even better. I LOVE this book and even though I have a signed copy by the author, I'll buy it through Logos. Great resource!
      1. I love this series! I use it for individual Bible studies, and for insights when teaching my class. The questions really make me think about what I am reading, and the comment section is great for historical background, customs and manners, and words studies. I hope it goes to production soon!