• I like this commentary a lot. I just wish there was so much more. There are so many times when the author is going into detail, but does not expand. Don't get me wrong, it is an excellent commentary. I just wish there was more.
    1. This commentary is simple and easy to read and yet is an excellent resource for gaining a deeper and clearer understanding of the biblical text. What I find extremely helpful is how the author explains Paul's use of words and literary techniques to convey messages. This forces the reader to reflect on the text. I strongly recommend this commentary for those who are interested in going deeper without too much extraneous information.
      1. Boice's commentary on Psalms 1-41 is an excellent resource for the every day student of the Bible. It is more than your typical commentary in that it reads more like a devotional or sermon and includes present analogies and comparisons along with real life applications. If you are looking for something that will help you go a little deeper while providing devotional level applications, I would strongly recommend Boice.
        1. This is a great resource for providing thorough and yet simple information about a variety of topics. Whether you are a Bible scholar or just desiring to engage in simple study, I would strongly recommend this resource.
          1. Although I do not like the idea of renting new features as they come, I feel that it is perfectly fine for logos to give the opportunity for individuals to get exclusive access to new features immediately if they so choose. What I think is is wrong with the process is paying for "Access to the Logos Web App". This should be completely separate from Logos Now and should be free for those who purchase a certain package or higher. To have online access to something that I paid 1000s of dollars for is just common sense. Logos representatives will quickly point to models like Microsoft Office Suite (which I subscribe to), but with those programs you don't actually have to buy the programs, you automatically have access to older versions of the program. This system should be set up in a manner that if you wanted to access new features, you can pay a fee and as part of that you can also get access to the Logos web app, but those who already own a package should have automatic access to the Logos Web App. I have decided against paying for Logos Now as it reminds me of the way Apple plays off of people's inability to wait when giving access to new releases to purchase before giving access to rent. Unfortunately, this is just not worth the price.
            1. I also object to the move into the cloud. I use Logos in a lot of places (in big US cities) that do not give me Internet access.
            2. I agree whole heartedly with Damon. When buying the base package there should be study tools that are upgraded at no charge, on going, for folks who invest out of the gate with logos for a base package or a more advanced package. I would guess most folks, like me, are constantly adding features, books, and other commentaries that help Logos prosper. Gimmickry
          2. Excellent book. I used this for my university course and found that it was both readable and informative. Oftentimes books like this are a little heavy for the average reader, but this book finds a nice balance of deeper level thinking and simplicity.
            1. This is an excellent devotional. The devotionals are fairly short, but are filled with both powerful and challenging lessons. The lessons are timeless.