• Mr Block, I'm not familiar with this way of communication... I apologize if the answer is readily available somewhere else or even here, on this page somewhere. I'm taking your class on Deuteronomy. When talking about Og's bed in Deut 3.11, you mention that it's during the iron-age. Og's people's "advanced technology" (my expression) made their country all the more intimidating for God's people: if they could make an iron bed, they could make iron weapons. I find that interesting, and I mentioned that in a conversation. But someone pointed to Genesis 4.22 that already mentions iron work. Now, your comment is puzzling more than it is interesting... I'm submitting the question respectfully and I truly appreciate your commentary on Deuteronomy (NIVAC) and your video class! Thanks!
    1. Last part of Ezekiel 14:1-11 point 3 to 6 are repeated. Thanks excellent commentary.
      1. The cherub's hands "could be used like robot arms to retrieve coals to retrieve coals....". Hands used like "robot arms", I thought the cherubs were living creatures and NOT a mechanical or virtual artificial agent. I don't understand that terminology used in the section Ezekiel 10:2, "robot arms".
        1. Hi Daniel, I am reading your commentary on Ezekiel in the NICOT and I just wanted to thank you for passing on so much information. I am new to commentaries in general, especially reading them from cover to cover but I absolutely love this book and its the benchmark in my collection. Looking forward to working through Judges too when it is released :-)  God bless Dave