• Loooking at the past writings may provide insight in understanding different aspects of our faith. Logos English version is what I use. In the Index has passages of the Bible listed that were commented within the text Written. To get a view of early Church Writings and Theology this appears to be a pretty good source. I see ideas I disagree with but Will still read to understand what the whole idea was that is being expressed. Shock at the begining yet Undestanding when reading the whole section. My Pastor had mentioned this series in Passing. It appears to be worth the money I spent on it. Will see if my searches get back to this series as a primary source of information.
    1. A book to build your firm foundation of Christian Faith. Staying away from the theological terms but explain our faith in a concise way to help us build our foundation. A good book for any library. It is considered a classic. It is a good reminder to keep things simple and concise. Not talk over the heads of those around you. Our faith was built on simplicity and as we grow in Faith it helps us get closer to God. Written over 120 years ago. It is a place in today's faith. Keeping the eye on God and the Bible and not feelings that are contrary to the teachings found in the Bible.
      1. OVerall I would give this series a 5 Star. Good illustrations and awesome Outlines. I only have two of them at the moment but I found that both were excellent. Matt and Rev planning to get the whole set in the near future. I agree that it is a good commentary for personal study and growth.
        1. Looking at a couple of the commentaries to see how they are. I choose this one because of People asking about Revelations and want more information. The intersting thing is the OUtlines. Very unique way of doing outlines. I Loved the "LAODICEA: THE FASHIONABLE CHURCH (3:14–22)" SO true for todays society being looking for the next Fashionable thing. Also the use of illustrations for each section makes it a good source for Pastors and Teachers to use to help explain the passages. I also find that he provides both sides of arguement on what each of the Sections in Revelations. Symbolism or is it actual. So many people have different ideas on what the various symbolism stands for. DO not know if he is right or someone else is better at symbolism within Revelations. But feel getting as many suggestions as possible will allow each of us to decide for ourselves what they mean. And God can correct us in Heaven after we die. For there are many things the various denominations claim yet they can not all be right. God will be correcting our thinking in Heaven. I trust God more than man.
          1. When I see Gender accuracy I question the validity of what they did. I will have to see what the differences are but When the world demands are made to compromise. I do not want the Bible to be compromised by the World. I will put this version on the same level as the Queen James Bible until I have a chance to evaluate it. I remember Rev 22 stating the following: 18, For I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add to these things, God shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book: 19, And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
            1. I hope Gender accuracy just means they are replacing words within the context of the verse and appropriate original word usage.... like how in some languages the word suffixes actually hint at the gender of the target person
            2. So the book of Revelation is only for men, then, according to your wording? Also, the warning here is for 'this book' and 'this prophecy.' It says nothing about the whole Bible. Unless a woman takes away from the words; then I guess that's OK since it's specific to men.
          2. I know it is only a two volume set. Hard to cover details in this setting. But overall it is only a big picture being presented. The fine details are missing that are sometimes important to understand the section properly. For a quick overview it is OK. But for more detail study I would not recommend it as a starting point.
            1. I have done a spot check in this Study Bible. A lot of good resources are available but feel that it is not as good as it should be. I looked up the term LIberalism and the verses used in several cases were just portions of a section where you could get the wrong impression of what was being said. Defining LIberalism idea of Tolerance using Matt 7:1 Judge not least you be judged. Being used as an excuse to sin. We are not to judge what others do. But are we not supposed to point out the sins of our Brothers and sisters so they can repent? Just this little bias in one section has been used for the past two decades as a use silence others. NOw liberalism demands you follow what they believe they judge me as the problem because I believe in the BIble. Use this resource with this warning that it could have biases built in to support liberal ideas. Is it being used to compromise Biblical truths. God alone knows. I just think you have to be very careful and use other sources to verify things used in this resource.
              1. This book can be a challenge. IT asks many questions and shows much of what is happening in the Church today and to the Christians in America. The big question is have you compromised your faith to Babylon. WHich is compromise yourself to the sin of the world and its temptations. Are there things in our life that are more important than our walk of faith and belief in God.