• Looking at Gal 5 I am not very impressed with the content. But again it is emphasis the Early Church Fathers,. I find the ACC To be a broader coverage of the Passages than this set. May not agree with all the Church Fathers say but it is important to look at what they said and keep it in context. Too often a paragraph is used when the whole Chapter has a different message compared to the one paragraph or sentence used.
    1. The Work is definitely Catholic in writing. Reading the Beatitudes section the emphasis Poor in wealth instead of Poor in Spirit. All about riches of the world instead of Knowledge of God. Shows the weakness of the beliefs. It does give some good writing sources of early Church Fathers. BUt again Emphasis on Catholic traditions over Biblical Truths. Jesus was very much against Tradition. Keeping true to Biblical teachings is a must. We can not be blinded by It has always been this way or that way. We need to seek the Holy Spirits guidance as we read the Bible. WE should all be reading the Bible and studying the word daily. THere may be some good aspects of this collection of writings but agian I may be biased because I found so much truth in other writtings of this time frame that emphasised reading and studying the word. And made me think about my faith in God hopefully making a a stronger and better Christian.
      1. This appears to be a very good commentary which surprises me in this day and age of Woke, Social Justice ect. How to live our lives with God and warnings on sin. Good examples of today's society and emphasis on what is sin and what is salvation. IF we are not challenged to seek after the Biblical Truths how can we have a closer walk with God. A lot of good information and this volume just got released a few days ago. It will take a while to read the whole commentary. Chapters 3-5 and 13 jumped out at me to read first. We each have our own needs for growth. But I always want to help people look at yourself and see the sin in your life. IF you can see the sin you can repent and turn your back on the sin. We each are different. We all have different ways at looking at things. But repenting of sin and preaching it is very important in this day and age. Where it seems sin is more acceptable the Biblical teachings or God's Judgement on how we should live our lives. We need to challenge those around us to take a hard look at our own lives and repent of our weaknesses and short fallings. And move forward with a closer relationship with God. This commentary points in that direction. IT is something to critically think about and share about.
        1. IT is a good resource to use. Get insights you may not have thought about.
          1. IT does provide good information on various subjects that people bring up from time to time. I enjoy looking at the Acts of ****** To get an idea of the different writings that were out there and what they are about. I do not have all those writings in my Logos. But getting a summary and providing information about each of these books gives me a clue if they are agnostic writings or not. And What their history is all about. Expanded reading after each entry is an excellent source of finding good extra study on specific entries. This allows it to be a good starting point if you are writing a paper and want other sources to verify your thinking.
            1. They are in my library. Will keep an eye on when I can use various parts of them. I have so many books I want to read cover to cover. I will never get it done. Wish I had a photographic memory. But always so many blessings are found by using techniques others have used and add them to being tools of studying.
              1. What were the Early Church Fathers thinking about the Bible as it was written. Today's Society has lost a lot of the teachings that the early Church Fathers have done. It is good to sit down and review what they said about various passages. Read the passage and see how they interpret them. Plus with Logos if you have the bigger collection of their writings. Quick link to the whole Sermon or Section that mentioned that verse and was explaining it. So you can ensure the context is what is expressed here in this Unique commentary series. I thought it well worth purchasing a year ago. Now I am picking up the two books I do not have that they are releasing next year.
                1. I think every Christian should playfully read this book. Seeking out the truth. Consider carefully the ideas and arguments used for his thinking. Look at the present age think of what is happening within the Churches today.
                  1. Loooking at the past writings may provide insight in understanding different aspects of our faith. Logos English version is what I use. In the Index has passages of the Bible listed that were commented within the text Written. To get a view of early Church Writings and Theology this appears to be a pretty good source. I see ideas I disagree with but Will still read to understand what the whole idea was that is being expressed. Shock at the begining yet Undestanding when reading the whole section. My Pastor had mentioned this series in Passing. It appears to be worth the money I spent on it. Will see if my searches get back to this series as a primary source of information.