• There aren't many books that I recommend, since I usually substantially disagree with much that authors say, but Bevere's book stands out through its mostly accurate grasp of the subject. While I do have some points of digression, these are primarily on points I don't expect Bevere or anyone else to perceive at this point in the prophetic plan. For context, I am currently working on my own book on the fear of ':Elohhiym, and I have been frequently surprised at how often Bevere's comments and observations mirror my own. On this subject, he speaks with substantial accuracy and insight. I admit that some of what he has written here has even prompted some personal motivation and stoked my own personal embers in regard to fear of ':Elohhiym. I would prefer to give the book 4 1/2 stars, but I'm going to round up. This is probably the only five-star review I've given for anything available in Logos so far. On other subjects, I have vast differences of understanding, opinion, and practice with Bevere, but on this issue, I fully recommend this book.
    1. A well-written treatise--I was particularly impressed with Saldarini's assessment of Josephus as a consummate practitioner of Judaism-driven realpolitik, whose traditional core was immovable but whose pragmatic exterior was as amorphous and amoeba-like as he felt was necessary to keep safe the principles and social structures he considered sacred.
      1. I want to thank FL for getting this book into Logos. I suggested this book many months back, and though the wheels often turn slowly, I'll be very eager to read this when it downloads. TY
        1. Another book on a same topic just came out: God's Body: Jewish, Christian, and Pagan Images of God. I'm hoping we'll be able to offer it as well.
      2. Someone tap me on the shoulder when this goes on sale again.
        1. The sheer nonsensical contradiction of having "five solas" ought to be a klaxon alert that something is amiss in the theology...but alas, centuries of believers soldier ahead...
          1. Anxiously awaiting the theology of the Square Circle!
        2. Why is this single Neusner title being offered out of the blue? This is probably the most interesting Neusner title offered in Logos so far, but with hundreds of his resources out there, offering just a single title is odd.
          1. As one of the voices that energetically advocated for adding a number of Neusner resources in Logos, of the couple of dozen titles I asked for, I don't think any of them are included in this bundle...or at least as far as I can tell. Despite what Don says, individual titles are not indicated here.The sad thing is, the relative lack of zeal for this collection is no doubt limiting FL's desire and willingness to offer additional titles by Neusner. That's because the choices here are not nearly as relevant to most Logos users as the numerous titles I suggested would have been. So much effort expended for so little progress.
            1. Glad Brill has come to their senses on the price...at least a little.
              1. If you buy the collection separately, you save an extra $10.00 USC per Logos web site.
            2. There's a lot of prophetic significance related to this subject, but I would be surprised if this ever gets through PrePub.
              1. well surprise surprise it got through pre-pub and ships 12/19/17