• Had to load each book separately into a collection that I created, as you could not look up the series. Kind of a pain; was not really a "collection" per se. Most of these are old - so would have to assume they are also outdated. So why buy them? Well, why does my library consist of so many old volumes of anything? It is because the new consist of much of the old, and where the difference lies, then one can make more informed choices. If the fact that some of these are old datasets bothers many, then we must begin to purge our libraries of authors such as Thayer, Wigram, Jastrow, Gesenius, Neusner, Strong or Young... Then let us purge HALOT, TWOT, TDOT, TDNT, Robertson's, and so many others that are now "relics" from the past. I am Hoping BDAG updates soon, maybe with the next restart, but let us hold onto the past, make way for the new and learn from the scholarship of the collected wisdom of both so we can push ahead the study of the Word of G-d. If I gave up the wisdom of old, then Rambam, Rashi, Hillel and others have to go also. And what of the Apostles? Shimon, Yakov, Yochanan, Mattityahu? Many say they did not even understand the Master they served. We apply our 21st century knowledge to all the ancient texts, and to those who had spent their lives studying the ancient words, without benefit of computers or the Dead Sea Scrolls, or any of the technological marvels we have today. On Logos or Accordance I can view ancient manuscripts, I can read what someone read centuries ago. So how do these "outdated" and "incorrect" works help me discern BDAG? Insight. What were those of the past thinking, how were they influenced, what influenced them? No generation is born in a vacuum. From the time of Yeshua to now, we are all colored by our prejudices, our preconceptions, our biases and the times in which we live. I marvel at how those of days past achieved what they did. Some had to travel thousands of miles to see documents I could only hope to see. Countless hours spent in study, trying to decipher ancient texts. Did they get some of it wrong? Yep. Did they miss something here and there? Yep. Does the toil of their lives work hold nothing for us? No, may God forbid. All who handle this precious word have had their lives shaped and molded by the Creator - they passed onto us the best of their knowledge, and maybe even some of the worse, but that is for us to search and discern. Nuggets of truth are found everywhere if one has the patience to look and appreciate what went before. One plants, another waters, and later, one harvests. I mine the past, to see what I need for today. These books may hold nothing for me, or maybe they will; time will tell. I hope all can make use of what has been provided. Heck, I could complain about a whole lot of what Logos offers - some 10 to 15 percent of my library I'll never even look at, because I have no interest in what was offered in the bundles. Yet, I bought them for what does interest me. Hopefully one day Logos will allow each user the power to choose their own bundles, and get what each needs or desires. Till that day, we all make choices, some good, and, some not so good. I have books from the 1800's in my library and still use them today. It, as they say, "it ain't all bad." Shalom to all.
    1. I have used Logos/Libronix since version 1. To tell you the truth - the new Logos still doesn't hold a candle to Libronix, version 3.0g which I still have on my computer- for ease of use and research, in my opinion, I was sorry when they stopped using this as their flagship. That said, I own 24 different Bible programs, and I use them all. My favorite was BibleWorks - which is no more. To switch to Accordance - would cost me around $500 for a basic comparable software. I am paying for the Academic upgrade for Logos 8; just a trde off for the books I want. I have over $8000 invested in Logos - for a lot of books I will never use or read, or have any desire to use or read. That said, why am I still upgrading? Hoping for something good I suppose - but truthfully? The highest form of worship is study. I make trade offs every day in life. Choosing to upgrade is a trade off - I get most of what I desire (I already own Portfolio) or need, and it is as one pastor told me "How do you eat chicken? Swallow the meat and spit out the bones." The things I won't or don't use are the bones. The rest is meat. Meat for my studies; meat for those I teach; meat for G-d to teach me. For those of you who don't know - I have been here at this trough for almost 28 years - maybe longer. It isn't always good, these upgrades - I really do not like the "kitchen sink" approach, I don't need the bells and whistles. But here we are, may it all work out, and may He be exalted and glorified. To you who have doubts, concerns or are offended - why do you study anyway? I study to know Him and my Messiah better - G-d has always provided me with the means to upgrade, so here I am. Upgrade or not - that is your choice. As I said, I still have Libronix 3.0 on my computer - but here I'll spend another $500 to upgrade - a small price to pay for where G-d has brought me from. I judge no one or no corporation - if they have done wrong - G-d will judge, not me. If they have done right - He will keep them in business, and hopefully, they will bless others with the resources they provide. Remember we are to be salt and light, not whiners or complainers. Don't spend the money if you are offended - that is your way of protesting. Continue to use what you have - no one is forcing you to upgrade. Pray over it and let the Spirit guide you. If it is right for you, G-d will provide the means. If not - wipe the dust from your feet and move on. I'm not directing this at any in particular - but nothing in this world is free, except the saving blood of Messiah - and it cost Him dearly. Please remember that when you are asked to spend a few shekels to know Him better. Yes, Logos has it's issues - but so do I. I'll take my chances. Shalom to all.