• May 14, 2019 Good comments below. I'm considering this purchase but, I too feel as though for all the thousands i spend with LOGOS training like this one should be given without further charges. I've purchased numerous trainings over the years (check my purchase history) yet, I need training before I feel the need to invest in more that I can't utilize? Logos, I think, should re-think its marketing approach to its users. Logos would benefit greater, I think if, all training was free. Wow! I just realized why apple products continue to fly off their shelves, they give away training as a add-on benefit.
    1. Thanks, David. We do provide free training, at http://logos.com/training, and in resources like LT271. This course bundle is specifically for students using Logos in an academic setting. We often include it for free or at a significant discount for schools partnering with Logos, but we also offer for purchase here if anyone else would like to take advantage of the training. Please let me know if you have any specific questions on how to use the software.
    2. David is right. Logos should consider it. It could be very helpful.
    3. ... a suggestion that has been made to Logos repeatedly over the years - largely to no avail. I note Adam's response re discounts for those institutions that sign up with Logos, but this is of little use to the majority of end users. Even at 50% off, "how to effectively use our software" should simply be provided for free - especially on a product as complex as Logos.