1. Too long awaited for.
  • An essential book for every Christian who wants to go deep into the original Hebrew gospel which was known not just to the Jewish Believers, but to all the ancient Christian world.
    1. Those who would most champion this work would be those who hold to sola scriptura, while the Orthodox and Catholics would be more inclined to disagree. I myself reject sola scriptura and affirm Apostolic oral tradition along with the Jewish oral tradition that pre-dates the Pharisees which is why I gave it one star. I found that in this volume that Dr. Brown seems to be unaware of the unassailable colossal evidence for authoritative Jewish oral tradition, but instead spends most of the book arguing for sola scriptura by selecting various passages from the Bible and attempting to reason why these passages point against the oracles of God being spoken to the Jewish people outloud, but rather God choose to speak only through the written word. This is a classic sola scriptura position. While I appreciate why Dr. Brown would want to publicly deny that the Jewish people passed on essential information regarding the faith from generation to generation, because if that's true, the Rabbis can use that to argue that their rejection of Jesus was rooted in that ancient tradition (but we know from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and relevant historical documents and the New Testament, that the Jewish oral tradition was not the reason why they rejected Jesus, but it was rather because Jesus claimed to be divine (Matthew 26:64, Mark 14:62, Luke 21:27, 22:69, 22:70), yet they never saw him first arrive on the planet on the clouds of glory, but rather they knew him as just a mere man from the unimportant village of Nazareth), in my honest opinion a better approach is to illustrate the vast amount of Jewish Orthodox tradition which speaks of a divine Messiah. Itzhak Shapira did this in his work, "The Return of the Kosher Pig." Again. This said, I greatly appreciate Dr. Brown for so much of his work. And I would highly recommend the first four volumes to anyone witnessing to Jews. They're totally worth it. I give them five stars. I have all five volumes in print and I found the first four incredibly helpful. https://www.logos.com/product/3494/answering-jewish-objections-to-jesus
      1. ok...thats your own opinion
      2. Good points, David, I am Orthodox myself. Will be buying the other four volumes and pondering whether to get the fifth.
    2. From the License, "You can give away the Lexham English Bible, but you can’t sell it on its own." I'm a youth leader and most of the translations they use are atrocious. I like Lexham so much I want to print it out for them to read in hardcover. If I printed it out via lulu, without any profit at all, only paying for the printing of the book for the students, do I have Logos permission to do this? Thank you very much. Oh, and by the way, I'm going to try and convince them to buy logos as soon as they can afford it. :p