1. Diego, Yes, the NIV Faithlife Study Bible is a print book. It is available in four different formats: standard hardcover and three premium leather formats.
  • Thank you FaithLife for having this book available in your collection. I will be reading this book on my first seminary course.
    1. Over two years ago I started with the starter package then upgraded to Silver and now I upgraded to Platinum so that I can start doing more language studies. I am so happy with this program that it has increased my biblical knowledge and understanding. I also purchased the Zondervan Biblical Language videos and a couple of days later I am able to read and pronounce Greek texts. Now I just need to start learning what the actual words mean :) but what I am paying for this program is worth every single penny.
      1. Finally! I hope you follow through with this you guys! I have spent a lot of money on your wonderful desktop program and have really been missing out on it with my Windows phone and I don't plan on changing platforms regardless. I have been holding on to a Nook tablet for a while just for this but if I could use it on my phone and a Windows Tablet that would be awesome.
        1. Awesome deal.. all these books for very little money is amazon. One or two physical books would have cost me what this entire set cost me. John MacArthur has great biblical insight and respect his notes very much.
          1. I went with the Crossgrade upgrade when Logos 6 came out and added many awesome new tools. I specifically like how I can easily created slides for my church sermon. I have since upgraded to the Bronze package.
            1. Great package I combined it with the Tyndale commentary and got it in 12 monthly payments. Originally started out with the starter package but have now grown to a much larger library. I focus a lot on commentaries so this Bronze package fit the bill.
              1. I love this translation and use it next to the ESV and NASB when doing Bible study when I want a less literal translation that may make more sense to me.
                1. This is such a great set and has become one of my go to commentaries. Great scholars behind the notes and recommend it to anyone wanting to grow there Logos library,.