• I have not completed the study yet. What i have noticed is there is no reading list in the forum or the study, would be nice to know. The syllabus suggest platinum owning edition, but this does not have the books that are missing when i go through the course. There should be a dynamic text that states before buying that you are missing these books. I think the courses should have the readings all inclusive in the course , this could be dynamic if you already have the books different price. now i have to purchase $200 or more on books i don't currently have, this puts my study on hold until i can afford these books. this was my first course i bought here, lesson learned. @Faithlife, please update your system so there is full transparency in what we need before we spend lots of money
    1. , I am sorry to hear of your frustration. Our Mobile Ed courses do make optional recommendations for further reading, but these are chances for further exploration over and above what the course itself offers. They are not an integral part of the course itself.