• This volume is primarily important in the Logos edition for the new and previously un-printed documents and to a lesser degree the introductions, timelines and indices. Logos indexing will suffice on the last point for some. I would be at lest as interested for Logos to publish the one-volume Bonhoeffer Reader, which is based on the set. It's currently available via Kindle but without page numbers. I and my students (me to have the exact sections and page numbers I am assigning in a digital version) would find it very useful.
    1. Shame this never got a start in March Madness 2015 deals.
    2. Will this volume be included in sales of the full set? If so, I wonder if dynamic pricing will make it cheaper than the pre-pub price (for those who own the rest of the set).
    3. I've made all kinds of representations to this lot - stolid, unhelpful, and intransigent would be my summary of their attitude. So I'm prepared to be publicly disgruntled.