• If you want to be able to print these exercises quickly and easily, the Logos edition does NOT allow that. The Pratico/Van Pelt BBH workbook allows for printing in this way. This workbook does not and if I were the author, I would be very upset that Logos decided to use images for the exercises rather than text. It makes the digital workbook much less useful than it could have been and inferior to others.
    1. Well said! Awful implementation.
  • If one understands basic logic, and one understand these doctrines as historically presented, then one understands that you either have to take the Calvinist position or the Arminian position. There is no middle ground. Why these theologians continually attempt to circumvent the law of excluded middle where reformed doctrine is concerned is fascinating behavior that should rational Christians should avoid. Redefining a doctrine is not the same as the fallacy of bifurcation. Rightly understood, God elects without ANY regard for human action. If you insert human action into the doctrine of election, you no longer have the historic doctrine of election. Simple.
    1. It is possible to hold that the Bible teaches both monergistic regeneration (which Arminians reject) and sempiternity (which most Calvinists reject).
  • The only way to adopt a biblical worldview is to be regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit. America has never really, as a country, embraced a truly biblical worldview. I think that the notion that it is the church's duty to create a superficial adoption, an external adoption of the biblical worldview is to ask the church to do something that is a contradiction in terms. Jesus said go preach, baptize, and make disciples. He does not send us out to get a country, as a country, to adopt a biblical worldview. If such a thing were ever to happen, it would be the work of God in the hearts, converting a nation to Himself. America has been a predominantly hypocritical nation almost from the very start. She was never a Christian experiment and it is time we compare American history with biblical theology and see just exactly how far this nation has always been from the Christ of Scripture. Just my opinion.