• What an incredible journey! My wife and I are working through this as part of our Covid New Year's Resolution and it is helping us literally apply Batterson's wisdom into our daily lives. It has not only brought us closer together to each other it is aligning us with what God is doing around us and coaching us to bring our lives to the next level in His Kingdom. My only regret is that I cannot give it 10 stars.
    1. I love Taylor's Paraphrase! As a person that respects and uses more wooden translations every day there is a grammatical flow and pace that TLB brings that is refreshing. Of course, always remember that TLB is just a paraphrase and is NOT the last word any theological discussion! Having said this, if you like a warm and flowing narrative than what the more labored, wooden and myopic texts provide, you may want to take a short term TLB vacation to get that bigger and broader view of the text. It’s like sipping an ice cold tea on a tropical island… :) Enjoy!
      1. I'm in awe! I can do so much more than I could with six! (Sorry, I missed seven.) I'm able to do incredible searches and then down load them into comparative language reports (LXX, BHS & NASB or whatever) to dig into the nitty gritty of the OT with Excel. It is what I had always dreamed of doing and, quite frankly, it's easy! Thank you Logos for creating and for continuing to build state of the art queries that is unlocking the text like I have always wanted to do! We are blessed as a result of your hard work and expertise!