• I am certain that Dr. Keener is very much capable of presenting this work. Nevertheless, as you must be very aware, Catholics view the Bible differently than Protestants. Who is presenting the Catholic view in these Mobole Ed. courses?
    1. With all due respect, it shouldn't be about the Catholic view or the Protestant View, but it should be about the TRUE view. We should be studying God's Word to find out the mind of God, not try and prop up our denomination presuppositions.
    2. Agree with Mark Bernard.... many people just want to come up with their own private interpretation, but that's not what the Word of God says in 2 Peter 1:19-21... There is just ONE interpretation!
  • Where is the Theology of Catholic Church? Don't you the reader has a right to be completely informed?
    1. There's a simple reason. Tracey Rowland's contribution on Catholic Theology in this series hasn't been published by T & T Clark yet. It's scheduled publication date is March 2017. http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/catholic-theology-9780567034397. They're all excellent volumes and Rowland I expect will be up to the standards of this series.
    2. Just put on pre-pub today.